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Mom's Hands are tricky foes. When these enemies spawn (either at the start of a room or in a challenge room wave, Mom's laugh can be heard and (Added in Afterbirth) the ground may shake. After this, a disembodied hand will come down to try and grab Isaac, pausing in a stunned state for a brief moment before going back up to repeat this. Before coming down, a subtle shadow on the floor will indicate where the hand is going to land. They can spawn in groups of up to six in large rooms.

If Isaac is grabbed, he takes half a heart of damage and is sent back to the spawn room of the floor. Any enemies that Isaac damaged or killed before being grabbed will respawn at full health when Isaac returns to the room. If a black heart is depleted when Isaac is grabbed, the player will not be teleported and the hand will die instead.

Charmed Mom's Hands are extremely powerful, as they can potentially kill any monster they attack in a single move if they manage to grab them and pull them up without getting killed in the process. This includes normally invincible enemies such as Stone Grimaces. This can be seen more easily by using the "C0CK FGHT" Special Seed.

Mom's Dead Hand[]

Added in Afterbirth

Mom's Dead Hands behave similarly to regular Mom's Hands. When they land, they send out several lines of rock waves. Upon death, they spawn several Spiders. Unlike normal Mom's Hands, they can't grab and teleport players.




  • The Hands are likely inspired by Wallmasters from the Legend of Zelda.
  • If Mom's Hand catches Isaac in a challenge room, it will teleport him out of the room without having to fight the remaining enemy waves, even if the room is re-entered.
  • Mom's Hand is the only enemy in the game that can teleport the player.
  • Added in AfterbirthEmergency Contact Emergency Contact card spawns two Mom's Hands that grab enemies.


Bug Bug! Added in Afterbirth † Entering a room with a Mom's Hand/Mom's Dead Hand causes only very minimal screen shake. Spawning them with the debug console will cause a much more noticeable effect.

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