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This is a list of tools that can help in the creation of a mod. The game can only be modded on PC.

Official Tools (in Afterbirth † and Repentance)[ | ]

The Binding of Isaac: Afterbirth † introduced official modding support, allowing users to mod the game using the Lua programming language and to upload their creations to the Steam Workshop. In addition, it comes with some official tools to assist in mod creation.

All the tools mentioned below only come with Afterbirth+, there are no released official tools made for older versions of the game. These are located in Steam/steamapps/common/The Binding of Isaac Rebirth/tools.

Animation Editor[ | ]

The Animation Editor can edit .anm2 animation files, changing animations of existing entities (or creating animations for new entities).

Item Pool Editor[ | ]

Item Pool Editor allows editing of item pools.

Lua Reference[ | ]

Local documentation of the Lua API, generated with Doxygen.

Mod Uploader[ | ]

A small tool to set mod's information (name, version, tags and so on) and upload it to Steam Workshop.

Resource Extractor[ | ]

A command line extractor that unpacks all of the game's .a files when launched.

Room Editor[ | ]

A tool to edit room layouts or create new ones.

Unofficial Tools[ | ]

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This is not officially supported or endorsed by Nicalis, Inc. and other developers.

Lua Reference (in Afterbirth † and Repentance)[ | ]

Modding of Isaac[ | ]

The Modding of Isaac hosts an online copy of the documentation which has been modified by some community members to be more accurate and easier to understand.

Binding of Isaac - Documents[ | ]

Binding of Isaac - Documents is an unofficial documentation project, more detailed than the official one but is far from complete. Online version here.

This wiki[ | ]

Here there is a Lua Reference category.

Room Editors[ | ]

Basement Renovator (except in Rebirth)[ | ]

Basement Renovator is a tool for editing and creating room files. It can export to stb, the game's binary room format, but saves in xml. Be careful when making Rebirth rooms as some entity ids have changed since then.

Unpacking[ | ]

Rick's Unpacker[ | ]

Rick's Unpacker extracts game's files (that will then be manipulated for modding) from .a packed files. If you wish to unpack Afterbirth+'s .a files, it is recommended you use the official unpacker instead.

LUA Editors (in Afterbirth † and Repentance)[ | ]

Atom[ | ]

Atom is an open source text editor. atom-boilua is a package dedicated to Binding of Isaac lua modding. (Deprecated project)

Sublime Text[ | ]

Sublime Text is a commercial text editor. The Subliming of Isaac is a package for Sublime 2 and 3 dedicated to The Binding of Isaac. needs link

ZeroBrane Studio[ | ]

ZeroBrane Studio is a open source Lua IDE, also mentioned in the official Lua reference. Afterbirth API for ZeroBrane is a plugin for autocompletion.

Code Injection[ | ]

BrokenRemote (in Afterbirth † and Repentance)[ | ]

BrokenRemote is a code injector with mod examples.

isaac-injector (in Rebirth)[ | ]

isaac-injector is a code injector for Rebirth

Debugging[ | ]

isaac-log (in Rebirth and Afterbirth)[ | ]

isaac-log is a log reader for Rebirth and Afterbirth[1] written in Node.js.

isaac_log[ | ]

isaac_log is a library to read The Binding of Isaac logs.

abp-log (in Afterbirth † and Repentance)[ | ]

abp-log is a real-time log reader.

Isaac Debug Helper (in Afterbirth † and Repentance)[ | ]

Isaac Debug Helper aka Isaac Modding Helper Tool is a Python log reader with features like color highlighting and log filtering. There is also a fork by Team Dodo. The fork is almost identical to the one by dogeek (indeed the two projects work together) but has an up-to-date release section with executables. When downloading from Dogeek repository, remember to do "Clone or download -> Download zip".

Log readers comparison
Name Platform Requirements Real time Color highlighting Log filtering Custom filters Autoreload License Latest release
abp-log Windows only .NET Framework 4.5.2 Yes Yes Yes Yes No Unknown 0.3 (7 Jan 2017)
Isaac Debug Helper Anything thas supports Python Python 3.x Yes Yes Yes No Yes GNU GPL 3.0 1.0 (13 Apr 2017)
Isaac Debug Helper fork Executables: Linux or Windows. Python script: Anything thas supports Python Executables: should work out of the box. Python script: Python 3.x Yes Yes Yes No Yes GNU GPL 3.0 2.1.0 (26 Feb 2018)

Mods (in Afterbirth † and Repentance)[ | ]

A Debugging Tool[ | ]

A Debugging Tool is a mod with features like spawn of modded items and analysis of entities' health.

devhelper[ | ]

devhelper is a mod that includes features like custom log and hotkeys.

Consoles[ | ]

The-Binding-of-Isaac-Mod-Conversion-Kit[ | ]

(cannot retain LUA code)

The-Binding-of-Isaac-Mod-Conversion-Kit is a tool to convert mods the PC version of The Binding of Isaac to their console counterparts.

References[ | ]

  1. Afterbirth+ version planned but never released