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Added in Repentance

The Mirrored World is an area of the Downpour Downpour II and Dross Dross II. It is necessary to obtaining 15►Knife Piece 1 Knife Piece 1. The layout of The Mirrored World is the exact same as the normal floor except mirrored horizontally. Each room contains the same enemy encounters and has the same block layout, although some rocks may be Bomb Rocks or Tinted Rocks in one world but not the other. The boss is also identical, and, if defeated, will drop a second randomized item from the Boss item pool.

Accessing the Mirrored World[edit | edit source]

In Downpour II or Dross II, there will be a room with a mirror on the side of a wall. In another part of the map, there will be an inextinguishable white fire. Coming into contact with the fire will turn the character into The Lost. After turning into The Lost, walking into the mirror will grant access to the mirrored world.

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • The floor's appearance will take on an otherworldly appearance. Additionally, any items will have their artwork inverted, and the level's soundtrack is played backward.
  • Breaking the mirror is possible with a bomb, but it's not recommended as it will cut off access to the Mirrored World.
    • Breaking the mirror while inside the Mirrored World will cut off access back to the normal world, and also will eventually cause Isaac to take damage and die.
    • The mirror will also break if Soul of Cain is used in the mirror's room.
    • 15►Sulfuric Acid Sulfuric Acid or 15►Terra Terra can break the mirror.
  • Items, Pickups, Monsters, and UI are also mirrored.
  • The Item in the Treasure Room will always be replaced with 15►Knife Piece 1 Knife Piece 1.
    • On XL floors, no items will spawn in the second Treasure Room. However, both Boss Rooms will contain a treasure as normal.
  • All secret and ultra-secret rooms will be empty, as will the shop's inventory. There will be shopkeepers, however, which can drop items as normal.
    • The 15►Member Card Member Card trapdoor will appear in the shop, and will lead to the same store with the items still for sale.
  • Vaults will also be empty.
  • Trapdoors will not be spawned, except to crawlspaces or Black Markets – which will have no items.
    • Black Markets can be populated with a Restock Machine. Items purchased from a mirrored Black Market are considered to be purchased by the non-mirrored character rather than The Lost; multiple items can be purchased and the health will be deducted from the non-mirrored character, possibly resulting in death.
  • Wraiths will appear visible, but they will lack reflections unlike other entities, opposite of their normal appearance.
  • The rooms in the Mirrored World count as separate rooms, so anything that happens in the normal world room will not affect the mirror world variant of the room.
    • Using a Joker card in the mirrored world is not recommended, as it will teleport Isaac to an empty version of the Devil or Angel room, making a waste of the card.
  • If you are The Lost The Lost or Tainted Lost Tainted Lost, you can walk through the mirror without the help of the white fire.
    • Tainted Jacob Tainted Jacob can enter the mirror if he has been touched by Dark Esau.
    • Tainted Soul Tainted Soul can also enter the mirror without a white fire, and in turn, keep his health bar.
      • The mirror can even be entered by throwing Tainted Forgotten Tainted Forgotten at the mirror.
      • Even though Tainted Soul can enter the mirror, The Soul The Soul cannot.
  • The boss in the mirrored Boss Room is the same one as the normal world. Beating it will spawn an item from the Boss Pool; but, as it is only a mirror of the real Boss Room, no trapdoor, no angel room door, and no devil room door will appear and the 15►Red Key Red Key will work here.
  • If a Planetarium Room exists in the normal world, it will exist on the mirrored world and require a key to open, even if you opened it on the normal world. However, there will be no item.
  • To turn back into your original character, you need to clear 1 room as the lost. If you are in the Mirrored world, you will turn back after going through the mirror if you have not gone through it already. If there are no rooms left on the current floor; you can clear a room on the next floor and turn back.
  • Any means of spending blood, including Blood Donation Machines, Devil Beggars, and Hell Games, will result in immediate death, even if the non-mirrored character has health to spend.
  • Using 15►D4 D4 will transform Isaac back to his normal form with normal health, potentially making surviving the mirrored world much easier. This does not prevent leaving the Mirrored World normally via the mirror.

Bug Bug! In co-op mode, or when playing as Jacob and Esau Jacob and Esau, it is possible to have all but one character in their normal forms (normal health, etc.) while in the mirror world – that one only must touch the flame then use the mirror. Tainted Lazarus Tainted Lazarus only needs one of his forms to become The Lost, while the other (flipped) form can stay normal in the mirror world.