Midas' Touch is a passive item.


  • Petrifies and turns enemies into gold upon contact with Isaac.
    • Enemies killed while in this state will drop 1-4 Pennies.
  • Enemies that make contact with Isaac take damage equal to the number of coins he has.
    • Dlc r indicator.png The damage is 3.5+0.2x the number of Isaac's coins. The damage caps at 23.30 with 99 coins.
    • Damage is dealt up to twice per second per enemy.


  • With Midas' Touch, some effects that create Poop may instead create Golden Poop (see Synergies for details).
  • If an enemy doesn't deal contact damage, Midas' Touch can safely be used on it to create extra Pennies. Black flies, Bulbs, Mulligans, and Hosts are the most common enemies this can be applied to.
    • If Isaac has 13 coins or more when using Midas' Touch on Mulligans, they will die and release flies, hurting Isaac.
    • With Collectible Skatole icon.png Skatole, Hives and Swarmers will constantly spawn black flies, meaning they can create endless amounts of coins.
    • Dlc nr indicator.png As Mom's foot and Satan's feet don't deal contact damage, Midas' Touch can be used against them to great effect.
  • Dlc a indicator.png When used against Ultra Greed, his armor will be partially impaired to a 25% efficiency.
  • Spawning Multiplayer Babies while the player has Midas' Touch will give the Midas' Touch effects (freeze on touch + damage) to the baby itself. This can be abused, considering the baby's invincibility frames upon spawning:
    • Spawn the baby using the Enter key. It is invincible for a short period.
    • During this period, stay in contact with enemies to freeze them and damage them.
  • This can be used to gather 99 coins very quickly, and in turn, deal massive damage with Midas' Touch damage component.
  • Dlc r indicator.png Petrified enemies that are frozen will not drop any coins on death.
  • Dlc r indicator.png Midas' Touch can be a great item with Character Tainted Keeper icon.png Tainted Keeper, as you can run into enemies and get even more coins. Just be careful to not kill yourself.
  • Dlc r indicator.png Both Midas' Touch and Collectible E. Coli icon.png E. Coli affect Character Tainted Forgotten icon.png Tainted Forgotten's body, causing enemies that touch the body to freeze and turn into poop respectively.



Collectible Mine Crafter icon.png Mine Crafter: Instantly detonates the TNT block when placed, damaging Isaac in the process.

In-game Footage


  • This item is a reference to King Midas from Greek Mythology, who was able to turn everything he touched with his hand into gold and ended up accidentally turning his daughter into a golden statue.


PC ECQD 406C (Treasure Room adjacent to spawn)

PC 1GGE L14P (Treasure Room adjacent to spawn)

PS4 TTWQ DSHX (Treasure Room adjacent to spawn)

Vita FMPM PY7E (Treasure Room adjacent to spawn)

Switch NormalIndicator.png KCCV 8LM3 (First Floor Treasure Room; East from Start)

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