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Added in Afterbirth †

Metal Plate is a passive item added in The Binding of Isaac: Afterbirth †.


  • Grants one Soul Heart Soul Heart.
  • Enemy shots that hit Isaac have a 25% chance to be reflected.
    • Isaac does not take damage from the reflected tears, but gets pushed a bit.
    • The reflected tears are homing and concussive, and use Isaac's Damage and Tear effects.
      • Projectiles that create other projectiles (e.g. Added in Repentance Shady Shady) can harm Isaac and be reflected.
    • Can reflect:
      • Added in Repentance Fireballs (e.g. from Crackle Crackle), but their lines of fire harm Isaac.
      • Fire projectiles (e.g. from Mega Satan Mega Satan).
      • Added in Repentance Obstacles thrown by Polty Polty or Kineti Kineti.
    • Does not reflect:


In-game footage[]


  • The description of Metal Plate is a reference to Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2.[1]
  • Metal plates are sometimes surgically implanted in people's heads, typically to cover a hole in the skull.


Switch Greedier mode only 06D9 L2N0 (First Golden Treasure Room)

PS4 HBNK PFN8 (First Golden Treasure Room)

XboxOne X9AB R4MN (Second Golden Treasure Room)

PCKG18 MBM1 (First Floor Item Room) (Tested on Repentance)