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The MemBrain is a much larger Brain that slowly moves around the room and occasionally hops to fire 8 blood shots in all directions. It has a large amount of health and will split into two Brains upon death. Membrains deal a whole heart of damage with contact and projectiles.


Mama Guts[]

Mama Guts are large versions of the regular Guts. They slowly move around the room, occasionally hopping and firing 8 large blood shots in all directions. Upon death, it splits into 2 Guts.

Dead Meat[]

Added in Repentance

A Dead Meat is a bigger version of the Cyst that moves around the room slowly, and occasionally hops and fires 8 large blood shots in all directions that bounce off the walls like 15►Rubber Cement Rubber Cement. Upon death, it splits into 2 Cysts.


A Dinga is a large Dip that behaves similarly to MemBrains. Dingas slide around the room aimlessly and occasionally hop, spawning Dips or shooting poop shots in 8 directions. Splits into two Squirts when killed.

Mega Clotty[]

Added in Afterbirth

The Mega Clotty slowly moves around the room, occasionally hopping. When it hops, it will usually fire six blood shots around itself, but it can also alternatively leave a puddle of Red Creep near itself. Even more rarely, the hop may spawn a Clotty or a collapsed Globin. Upon death, it’ll split into two Clotties. Even though the sprite shows three conjoined Clotties, it always creates two upon death, and will never spawn three.



All monsters listed on this page deal one whole heart of contact damage except for Mega Clotty which deals half a heart of contact damage.


  • MemBrain is a pun on the word membrane, which means a thin, flexible layer of body tissue.
  • Mama Guts slightly resembles a digestive system.
  • The Added in Afterbirth Mega Clotty’s behavior coincidentally bears some resemblance to a fan idea of a boss called “Mega Clotty,” as, besides its name, this 2012 idea mentions that its behavior would be jumping up to shoot out blood shots as well as spawning one Clotty. However, the Mega Clotty is implemented as an enemy, not a boss, and some of its conceptual behaviors on the ideas wiki were never implemented for the fact that it’s purely coincidental.

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