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N/A (Cuts directly to Ending 16)

Mega Satan is an unlockable boss in The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth. He is the final boss of Ending 16.

Unlock[edit | edit source]

Mega Satan is located behind the Golden Gate at the starting room of The Chest The Chest and the Dark Room Dark Room. To unlock Mega Satan, the following criteria must be fulfilled:

  • ??? or The Lamb must have been defeated in an earlier run for the Golden Gate to spawn.
  • Once unlocked, the Golden Gate must be opened using one of the following methods:
    • Uriel and Gabriel can be defeated to obtain15►Key Piece 1 Key Piece 1 and 15►Key Piece 2 Key Piece 2. Collecting both pieces turns them into the Golden Key, which automatically opens the Golden Gate upon entering The Chest or the Dark Room.
      • The Angels can be summoned by bombing an Angel Statue.
      • Added in Afterbirth Sacrifice Rooms will summon Uriel and Gabriel after stepping on the spikes for the 9th and 11th time, respectively.
        • Stepping on the spikes for the 12th time and beyond has a 50% chance of teleporting Isaac to the Dark Room Dark Room.
    • Dad's Key can also unlock the Golden Gate, if used in the starting room of The Chest The Chest or the Dark Room Dark Room.
      • Dad's Key is unlocked by collecting both key pieces in a single run
    • Added in Afterbirth Get out of Jail Free Card can unlock the Golden Gate if used in the starting room of The Chest The Chest or the Dark Room Dark Room.
    • Added in Afterbirth † Mr. ME! can be instructed to unlock the door.
    • Added in Repentance Sharp Key can unlock the door if aimed at it.
      • This consumes 1 key.

Passing through the Golden Gate and stepping onto the pentagram will initiate the Mega Satan fight.

Behavior[edit | edit source]

Mega Satan is accompanied by two hands, which serve as a barrier to protect him and an avenue for him to attack. His hands will spread apart if Isaac gets close to him, and close in if Isaac moves away from him. Each hand has 600 HP, and destroying a hand deals 100 damage to Mega Satan. Each hand respawns 30 seconds after it’s destroyed.

Mega Satan has the following attacks:

  • Closes his eyes and shakes, then fires one of several shot patterns, including:
    • 3-5 lines of blood shots. The angle these shots are fired at alternates between rotating clockwise and counterclockwise. The less lines of shots there are, the faster they travel and rotate.
    • Spreads of brown shots that split into 4 smaller shots after traveling far enough, similarly to Cricket's Body.
    • 2 spirals of blood shots that very rapidly rotate clockwise, creating semi-circular waves of shots.
    • Rings of blood shots, fired in rapid bursts of 3.
    • 2 spirals of blood shots that rotate clockwise at different speeds.
    • 3 lines of blood shots that alternate between slowly curving right and left with every shot fired. The angle these lines of shots are fired out at alternates between slightly rotating clockwise and counterclockwise.
  • Closes his eyes and shakes, then fires a large blood laser straight down, similar to the one make by Added in Afterbirth15►Mega Blast Mega Blast. His hands will always fully spread apart while charging the laser, regardless of how far away Isaac is.
  • Slams his head into the platforms 1-3 times, creating chaotic bursts of shots in all directions.
  • Holds up one hand, then slams it at Isaac, creating a circular rock wave on impact. This attack can’t be used if both hands are currently destroyed.
  • Slams both hands 3 times, creating rock waves that move towards the bottom of the screen. This attack can’t be used if either hand is currently destroyed.
    • Destroying a hand during this attack will prevent it from creating more rock waves.
  • Mega Satan will also occasionally spawn sets of minibosses to attack Isaac alongside him. These sets can be:
  • After taking enough damage, Mega Satan and his hands will withdraw into the darkness behind him and become invulnerable. During this time, waves of bosses will spawn, which must be killed in order to make Mega Satan vulnerable again. The first waves of bosses begins after Mega Satan takes 750 damage, the second after 1,500 damage, and the third after 2,250 damage.

After taking 3,000 damage, Mega Satan will sink into the darkness and rise in his final phase as a skull. He will no longer have his hands, nor will he spawn bosses; instead, he fires complex, bullet hell-style shots. Possible patterns include the ones from the first phase (with increased shot speed), plus:

  • 2 spirals of shots that slowly rotate counterclockwise. The shots zig-zag as they travel outward.
  • 2 lines of shots that alternate between curving left and right. These lines combine to create curving lines with an safe space that moves from the left of the arena to the right.
  • Rings of shots, with every other wave fluctuating in speed as it travels.
  • Many lines of shots that slowly curve to the left (if black) and right (if red); these lines create safe spaces to maneuver in that slowly shift to the right.
  • Several lines of shots that slowly wiggle as they travel, similarly to Wiggle Worm. The angle these shots are fired at either rotates clockwise or alternates between rotating clockwise and counterclockwise.
  • Many lines of shots that wiggle as they travel and slowly curve to the left (if black) and right (if red); these lines create unmoving safe spaces between them.
  • Many lines of shots that spin as they travel, similarly to Ring Worm. The angle these shots are fired at constantly randomizes.
    • These shots don’t travel far enough to reach the corners of the arena if Mega Satan isn’t close to that corner.
  • Dense rings of shots that wiggle as they travel.
  • Several lines of shots that make large zig-zags as they travel.
  • Six lines of shots, half of which slowly curve to the left (if black) and right (if red). These lines create safe spaces that slowly move towards Mega Satan.
  • Rings of shots that rotate clockwise (if red) and counterclockwise (if black) simultaneously.
  • Several lines of shots that continuously converge onto each other.
    • The shots used in these patterns can be colored black, red, brown, or silver, depending on which one is used. For some attacks, they instead appear as red or yellow fire.

As Mega Satan takes damage during this phase, his skull will begin to crack. After this final phase is defeated, the game ends and Ending 16 plays.

Added in Afterbirth † If The Void The Void is unlocked, there is a 50% chance that the game will not immediately end, and Mega Satan will instead drop an ending chest along with a portal. Entering the chest ends the game and plays the cutscene while entering the portal will take Isaac to The Void.

Damage Scaling[edit | edit source]

Damage scaling is an unclear mechanic introduced by Nicalis in The Binding of Isaac: Afterbirth to provide a more challenging experience to the players, enabling some enemies to retaliate against high damage attacks by deploying an "armor" of a sort to greatly reduce the amount of damage taken. Further details and an in-depth explanation may be found here.

Gallery[edit | edit source]

Added in Afterbirth/Added in Afterbirth †/Added in Repentance Unlockable Achievements[edit | edit source]

These achievements are exclusive to Afterbirth and Afterbirth†.

  • Mega
    Added in Afterbirth Mega - Defeat Mega Satan as every character.

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • Afterbirth added Completion Marks for defeating Mega Satan. In Rebirth, there are no achievements linked to Mega Satan.
  • Mega Satan does not have a health bar, making it difficult to determine how close he is to death.
  • Mega Satan does not drop a Golden Chest after beating him, cutting directly to Ending 16.
    • Added in Afterbirth † It will drop a Golden chest if a portal to The Void The Void appears, giving a choice of getting the ending or going to the true final floor.
  • Mega Satan is behind an invisible wall Isaac can't move past, making him immune to contact damage effects like Midas' Touch and The Virus.
  • Using Chaos Card on the first phase will cause Mega Satan to go into his second phase instead of instantly killing him.
    • This is because the first and second phase of the fight are actually two different enemies, and are shown as such in the bestiary.
  • Mega Satan's hands count toward the mob cap total in the room, and prevent Greed, Sloth, and Fallen Gabriel from spawning enemies while they are undestroyed.
  • With homing tears and The Ludovico Technique, the tear will be strongly attracted by the head even when it can't be targeted, making killing other enemies very hard.
  • Unlocking the Golden Gate with the golden key and then restarting the floor with Forget Me Now or an I AM ERROR room will not cause the golden key to respawn.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Mega Satan's battle theme is titled Hericide,[1] just like regular Satan.
  • The Mega Satan room is a 1x2 room with only the lower half accessible.

Bugs[edit | edit source]

Bug Bug! Doing too much damage between phases will cause the game to play the normal "boss defeated" music throughout the rest of the fight.
Bug Bug! If a Pickup spawns under Mega Satan's hand, the hand will start to move and rotate for the rest of the fight until it's pushed away. This is a purely cosmetic bug.
Bug Bug! Added in Afterbirth † Using Delirious in Mega Satan's fight (after stepping on the pentagram), if Mama Gurdy is spawned, Mama Gurdy will be spawned behind Mega Satan, but it will be able to attack.
Bug Bug! If Isaac has Mom's Box and Tick, Mega Satan will start the fight at 70% health, instantly starting the fight at the first wave of bosses. Afterward, Mega Satan will be invisible the entire fight, and if Isaac moves to the upper half of the arena before Mega Satan dies, the game will softlock.

References[edit | edit source]

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