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Mega Maw is a boss that can appear in:


Mega Maw is stationary and will perform the following attacks:

  • Fires red projectiles at Isaac in disorganized bursts, similar to Monstro.
  • Releases 2 rings of 5 flames which expand outwards and rotate in opposite directions.
  • Releases one large ring of 9 flames that expands outwards.
  • Releases one large ring of 9 flames that can rotate in either direction while expanding outwards.
  • Gradually spits out a Hopper directly below it.

Champion Versions Needs to be unlocked[]

  • Added in Afterbirth Black: Spits 1-2 Spiders instead of Hoppers. The Spiders will be tossed directly towards Isaac instead of landing below Mega Maw. It does not use flame attacks.
  • Added in Afterbirth Red: Doesn't shoot any flames or spawn monsters and has a completely different set of blood-shot attacks:
    • Fires a ring of 9 blood shots that spiral outward.
    • Fires 4 lines of 4 curving blood shots.
    • Fires 4 lines of 7 waving blood shots.
    • Fires 10 lines of 4 blood shots in all directions.
    • All the attacks of the Red version do 1 heart of damage.



  • It is the boss version of the Maws.
  • The Gate is the posthumous version of it.
  • Before its fire attack, a purple flame can be seen emanating from its forehead.
  • Despite its name, it acts and looks more like a Horf (or a Psychic Horf) than a Maw, because it does not move and its eyes are more round.
  • Its fire attack could be a reference to Mega Man's leaf shield/attack.

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