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Mega Fatty is a boss that can appear in Caves Caves.


  • Leaps off-screen and tries to land on Isaac's position, leaving a large puddle of Red Creep upon landing.
  • Slides briefly towards Isaac and performs a short-range jump, also leaving Red Creep when he lands.
  • Inhales, drawing in Isaac and any monsters towards him, before then vomiting upwards, unleashing a barrage of projectiles into the air. The projectiles will rain down for a short duration, following Isaac's movements.
  • Farts, which can damage Isaac if he's too close, and will either:
    • Summon 1-3 Dips.
    • Unleash a cluster of projectiles behind him, similar to Monstro.

Champion Versions Needs to be unlocked[]

  • Added in Afterbirth Brown: Has 15% more HP (690). He will not use his vomit attack and sends out rock waves instead of leaving Red Creep upon landing when performing the long-range jump, similar to The Cage.
  • Added in Afterbirth Red: 33% smaller and has 10% less HP (540). Shoots 6 bullets instead of leaving Red Creep upon landing. Creates Red Poop instead of Dips. Vomit attack sends out four projectiles stream attacks in a pattern similar to Mom's Heart/It Lives. Due to the high tear height of the vomit attack projectiles, it is nearly impossible to get hit by them.



  • 15►Lost Contact Lost Contact will still block all incoming projectiles from his barrage even if they happen to go high enough to be offscreen.


  • He is the boss version of the Fatties.
  • The Cage is the posthumous version of Mega Fatty.
  • The picture of Mega Fatty on Isaac's last will closely resembles the unused variant.

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