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Questionmarkisaac For another monster with a similar name, see Mr. Maw. For the boss with a similar name, see Mega Maw.

Maws slowly drift towards Isaac while spitting a blood shot at him when near him, the latter behavior is similar to that of HorfHorfs.

They resemble pale floating heads with misshapen eye sockets that drip blood and an open mouth with only two teeth.

Variants[ | ]

Red Maw[ | ]

Red Maws float towards Isaac considerably faster than the Maw but do not fire any projectiles. Instead it will fire 4 blood shots in cardinal directions upon death, similar to SuckerSuckers.

They resemble other types of Maw, but with pink skin and a their mouth stitched shut, as if to prevent blood shots from being fired.

Psychic Maw[ | ]

Psychic Maws behave identically to Maws but fire purple homing shots that deal a whole heart of damage. Similar to the HangerHanger, the Psychic Maw will always spawn with an Eternal FlyEternal Fly circling it.

The Psychic Maw resembles a pale floating head with its eyes and mouth stitched shut and a third eye opened in its forehead dripping blood. The third eye emits a small purple fire.

Bugs[ | ]

Bug Bug! (except in Repentance) If you slow, stun or fear a Maw at the same time that it tries to shoot Isaac, its sound effect will loop infinitely until the Maw is killed.