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Questionmarkisaac.png For another monster with a similar name, see Mr. Maw. For the boss with a similar name, see Mega Maw.

Maw slowly drift towards Isaac while spitting a blood shot at him when near him, the latter behavior is similar to that of Horf Horfs.


Red Maw[]

Red Maws float towards Isaac considerably faster than the Maw but does not fire any projectiles. Instead it will fire 4 blood shots in cardinal directions upon death, similar to Sucker Suckers.

Psychic Maw[]

Psychic Maws behave identically to Maws but fire purple homing shots that deal a whole heart of damage and will always spawn with an Eternal Fly Eternal Fly circling it.


Bug Bug! If you slow, stun or fear a Maw at the same time that it tries to shoot Isaac, its sound effect will loop infinitely until the Maw is killed.