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Questionmarkisaac.png For the boss with a similar name, see Mask of Infamy.

The Mask + Heart is an enemy commonly found in Necropolis Necropolis, uncommonly in Womb Womb/Utero Utero, and rarely in Catacombs Catacombs. Hearts may be found on their own in The Womb/Utero as well.

It consists of two parts:

  • an invulnerable mask, which uses a movement pattern similar to a Knight.
  • a slow-moving heart that will shoot 4 projectiles in the cardinal directions when the player approaches it.

Destroying the heart will also destroy the mask. If the heart is afflicted by a status effect, the mask will also gain that status effect.


Mask II + 1/2 Heart[]

Added in Repentance

The Mask II + 1/2 Heart is a more advanced variation of Mask + Heart that was introduced in The Binding of Isaac: Repentance.

While Mask II behaves very similarly to the default Mask most of the time, the 1/2 Heart that accompanies it behaves drastically different. As the name implies, the heart is split into 2 individual halves. Unlike the default Heart, neither half actively avoids the player and instead floats around the room somewhat erratically. While both halves are intact, they create a steady stream of blood shots between themselves acting as somewhat of a barrier between the two. Once one of the halves are destroyed, the mask becomes angry and begins moving much quicker while the remaining half begins slowly floating towards the player while frequently firing 4 blood shots in the ordinal directions. Once both halves are defeated, the Mask II dies with them.


  • Although the mask appears to be floating, it cannot pass over obstacles and can be affected by Creep.
  • The hearts do not do contact damage.
  • The masks can be killed with Chaos Card Chaos Card, Added in Afterbirth †Euthanasia Euthanasia, and Added in Afterbirth †Little Horn Little Horn.
  • If a mask is shrunk, it can be killed by walking over it.
  • Small versions of the hearts can be spawned by Pink Champion Carrion Queen.
  • The hearts can be spawned by Mom's Heart/It Lives.
  • Although the Heart and it's shots will be slowed by Broken Watch Broken Watch and Stop Watch Stop Watch, the Mask will move normally.
  • Though shown and dying as one enemy, using items such as D10 D10 will cause both the mask and the heart to reroll as if it were two different enemies.
  • Mask of Infamy is the boss version of this enemy.



Bug Bug! Added in Repentance PC If there is a friendly 1/2 Heart in the room when fighting enemy Mask II + 1/2 Hearts, The Mask II will not disappear, effectively softlocking the run.