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Mama Gurdy is a boss that can appear:


Mama Gurdy resides inside the wall at the top of the room. She has four attacks:

  • Creates temporary spikes in the boss room in random locations.
    • These spikes can spawn under Isaac but have a small delay before they can deal damage.
  • Spews a volley of large orange projectiles towards the bottom of the room, leaving slowing Orange Creep.
  • Shoots 3, 4, or 7 waves of 5 spread projectiles at Isaac's location.
  • Shoots a burst of disorganized projectiles at Isaac.
  • Occasionally retreats upwards off-screen before executing her spike attack. Performs her orange projectile attack immediately upon re-entering the screen.

Mama Gurdy deals a whole heart of contact damage.



  • The Callus Callus trinket does not protect Isaac from Mama Gurdy's spikes; though they can be avoided with flight.


  • Mama Gurdy's name is a direct reference to a fan animation of the same name.
  • Mama Gurdy appears to be the final stage of the "Gurdy" boss line, with the first stage as Gurglings, second as Gurdy Jr., and third as Gurdy.
  • Mama Gurdy is the only boss with boss art that doesn't directly display them, showing only a hand.
    • She is also one of the only bosses not appearing as a degraded boss.

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