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Added in Afterbirth
Disambig-dark.png This article is about Lusty Blood, not to be confused with Bloody Lust.

Lusty Blood is an unlockable passive item.


  • Each time an enemy is killed, Isaac gains a damage boost for the current room.
    • Each kill increases damage by 0.5, up to a maximum of 5 damage after 10 kills.


  • Added in RepentanceMeat Cleaver Meat Cleaver: Both of the smaller enemies produced by Meat Cleaver add to the damage bonus, allowing rooms with few enemies to grant much more damage.
  • Samson's Lock Samson's Lock: Both the item and the trinket stack, granting 1 damage per kill. With 100% proc rate on the Lock, Isaac may gain up to 10 damage after 10 kills.


  • Added in RepentanceUranus Uranus: Only enemies killed by icicles from statues, bombs, familiars and other sources will increment Lusty Blood counter, thus rendering Lusty Blood quite difficult to use.


  • Some summoned enemies like Rag Man's Raglings do not trigger the effect when killed.
  • Mr. Maw does not trigger the effects of Lusty Blood, even after splitting.
  • Blowing up a shopkeeper will grant Isaac a damage bonus as well.

In-game Footage[]


  • Lusty Blood has the same effect as Bloody Lust Bloody Lust from the original Binding of Isaac.


PC 2GDQ ZWEB (Treasure Room adjacent to spawn)

PC VNMR 7VMM (Treasure room adjacent to spawn)

PC Added in Repentance Greedier mode only EG0M PLTS (Treasure Room on first floor)