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Luck Stat Icon Luck affects a variety of chance-based effects and is represented by a 3-leaf clover.

The large majority of characters have a base Luck of 0. The following characters are exceptions:

Character Luck
Character Keeper iconKeeper Character Dead Tainted Lazarus iconDead Tainted Lazarus Character Tainted Keeper iconTainted Keeper -2
Character Lazarus iconLazarus Character Esau iconEsau -1
Character Jacob iconJacob 1
  • Character Eden iconEden and Character Tainted Eden iconTainted Eden: varies between -1 and 1, inclusive (including decimal values).
  • Character Cain iconCain's base Luck is technically 0, but he starts with Collectible Lucky Foot iconLucky Foot, increasing his luck to 1.

Effects of Luck[ | ]

Luck influences many different elements:

  • Room drops: For calculating room drops, luck is capped between 0 and 10, with higher luck not only resulting in higher amounts of drops but also higher quality drops such as chests.
    • Room drop rates are otherwise identical in Normal and Hard game modes, but Hard mode removes (except in Repentance) 66%/(in Repentance) 33% of heart-type drops, replacing them with nothing.
    • (in Repentance) If there is more than one playable character on screen (Jacob and Esau, Co-op, using the item (in Repentance)Collectible Strawman iconStrawman, etc.) the room drop rate depends on the total luck the 2 characters have.
  • Tear effect chance: The chance of shooting tears with status effects becomes more likely as Luck goes up. This scales up to 100% chance per tear in most cases with enough Luck.
    • Most of the status inflicting effects require high Luck to activate on every tear.
      • Since these effects persist on the enemies for a set amount of time regardless of the Tears stat, a fast rate of fire is often enough to affect an enemy indefinitely.
    • Most tear effect chances scale exponentially with luck, while a few others scale linearly with luck, meaning that it can take a lot of luck to notice a significant increase in activation rates in most cases.
    • However not all effects scale up to 100%, and some items have the rates capped at a lower percentage. If the maximum activation rate is not 100% for an item, the true maximum rate will be listed instead.
    • Tear items affected by Luck are:
    • Trinkets affected by Luck are:
    • Other items affected by Luck include:
      • (in Repentance)Collectible Athame iconAthame: Black brimstone circles are created more often with higher luck, up to 100% of the time at 30 Luck.
      • (in Afterbirth † and Repentance)Collectible Broken Modem iconBroken Modem: Higher luck increases the rate of freezing enemies and their shots.
      • Collectible Celtic Cross iconCeltic Cross: The Celtic Cross grants its invulnerability more often with higher Luck, topping out at 100% at 26.67 Luck.
      • Collectible Gimpy iconGimpy: The Soul Heart drop chance upon taking damage increases with higher Luck, topping out at (except in Repentance)50% with 20 Luck / (in Repentance)100% at 46 Luck.
      • Collectible Midas' Touch iconMidas' Touch: Poops generated by Isaac's actions have a chance to turn into Golden Poop, with the chance depending on the source.
      • (in Afterbirth † and Repentance)Collectible Mystery Gift iconMystery Gift: Higher luck results in a lower chance of getting Collectible The Poop iconThe Poop or Collectible A Lump of Coal iconA Lump of Coal.
      • Collectible Old Bandage iconOld Bandage: The Red Heart drop chance when you take a hit increases with higher Luck, topping out at (except in Repentance)50% with 26.67 Luck / (in Repentance)100% at 80 Luck.
      • Collectible Virgo iconVirgo: The shield activation chance increases with Luck, topping out at 100% at 10 Luck.
      • (in Repentance)Collectible Dirty Mind iconDirty Mind: Rocks can be replaced by poops depending of Luck, capping at 10% with 7.5 Luck.

However, Luck doesn't affect:

Items that affect luck[ | ]

Activated Items[ | ]

Name ID Icon Quote Description (in Repentance) Quality
(except in Rebirth) Mom's Box 5.100.439
Mom's Box
4 rooms
What's inside? Increases luck by 1 and doubles the effects of trinkets while held. When used, drops a random trinket on the ground. 2
(in Afterbirth † and Repentance) Dataminer 5.100.481
4 rooms
109 Displaces enemy sprites for the current room, randomly increases one stat and decreases another. 0

Passive Items[ | ]

Name ID Icon Quote Description (in Repentance) Quality
Latch Key 5.100.343 Latch Key Luck up Grants 1 Soul HeartSoul Heart and +1 luck. Spawns 2 KeyKeys. 1
Lucky Foot 5.100.46 Lucky Foot Luck up +1 luck. Improves Isaac's chances at various random events (independent from the luck stat). (in Repentance) Converts all bad pills into good pills, without identifying them. 2
Magic Scab 5.100.253 Magic Scab HP + luck up Grants one full Red Heart container, +1 luck. (in Repentance) Heals 1 additional Red HeartRed Heart. 2
Missing No. 5.100.258 Missing No. Syntax error Randomizes all passive items and stats upon pickup and at the start of each succeeding floor. 0
My Reflection 5.100.5 My Reflection Boomerang tears + DMG up + luck down Gives Isaac's tears a boomerang effect. (except in Repentance) +1.5 range, +1 tear falling speed, x1.6 shot speed multiplier. (in Repentance) 2x + 1.5 range, +1.5 damage, -1 luck, 1.6x shot speed multiplier. 2
(except in Rebirth) Mom's Pearls 5.100.355 Mom's Pearls Range + luck up (except in Repentance) +1.25 range, +0.5 tear falling speed, +1 luck.
(in Repentance) +2.5 range, +1 luck. Grants one Soul HeartSoul Heart.
(in Afterbirth † and Repentance) YO LISTEN! 5.100.492 YO LISTEN! Yo listen! +1 luck. Spawns a fairy familiar that points out Secret RoomSecret Rooms, Crawl SpaceCrawl Space entrances, and tinted rocks. 2
(in Repentance) Candy Heart 5.100.671 Candy Heart Power of love Gives Isaac a permanent stat boost whenever he heals with Red HeartRed Heart pickups. 1
(in Repentance) Evil Charm 5.100.632 Evil Charm Luck up + you feel protected +2 luck. Provides immunity to burn, confusion, fear, and poison. 2
(in Repentance) Glass Eye 5.100.730 Glass Eye DMG + luck up +0.75 damage, +1 luck. 3
(in Repentance) Sausage 5.100.669 Sausage All stats up Adds a Red Heart Container, fully heals Isaac, and gives +0.2 Speed, +0.5 Damage, +0.5 Tears, +2.5 Range, +0.2 Shot Speed, and +1.0 Luck. Increases the chance of encountering a Devil RoomDevil Room, Angel RoomAngel Room, and/or PlanetariumPlanetarium each by 6.9%. 3
(in Repentance) Sol 5.100.588 Sol Radiant victory Reveals the location of the Boss RoomBoss Room. Upon defeating a boss, activates XIX - The SunXIX - The Sun, fully recharges Isaac's active item, grants bonus damage and luck for the rest of the floor, and removes curses. 2
(in Repentance) Soul Locket 5.100.686 Soul Locket Power of faith Gives Isaac a permanent stat boost whenever he picks up a Soul HeartSoul Heart. 1

Trinkets[ | ]

Name ID Icon Quote Description
Lucky Toe 5.350.42 Lucky Toe Luck up! +1 Luck. Adds a chance to drop an extra pickup when opening a ChestChest, destroying a machine, or blowing up a tinted rock.
(in Afterbirth † and Repentance) Dim Bulb 5.350.101 Dim Bulb I think it's broken Provides a boost to all stats when Isaac's active item is completely uncharged.
(in Afterbirth † and Repentance) Vibrant Bulb 5.350.100 Vibrant Bulb It needs power Provides a boost to all stats when Isaac's active item is fully charged.
(in Repentance) Perfection 5.350.145 Perfection Luck way up. Don't lose it! +10 Luck. If Isaac takes damage, the trinket is destroyed and its effect is removed.

Other[ | ]

  • "Luck Up" pills increase luck by 1, and "Luck Down" pills decrease luck by 1.
  • Putting a coin in the Donation Machine has a small chance to increase luck by 1.
  • (except in Rebirth) Lucky PennyLucky Pennies increase luck by 1.

Trivia[ | ]

  • Unlike the most common representation, the in-game icon for Luck has 3 leaves instead of 4.