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Disambig-dark.png This article is about Lokii, not to be confused with Loki.

Lokii is a boss that can appear in Womb Womb and Utero Utero.

Each half of Lokii has 350 HP.


The fight against Lokii resembles fighting two individual Lokis. Each half of Lokii teleports to random locations in the room and has the same attacks which they perform independently of each other:

  • Shoots 4 projectiles in the four cardinal directions, followed by the four diagonal directions, and then the cardinal directions once again.
  • Spawns a Red Boom Fly on top of himself. Only 1 Red Boom Fly can be alive at once.
  • Shoots 8 projectiles in all directions.

Lokii deals a whole heart of contact damage.


Unlockable Achievements[]


  • Using the Added in Repentance15►Meat Cleaver Meat Cleaver on Loki has a unique interaction, splitting him into Lokii.


  • Lokii was added in the Wrath of the Lamb DLC for the original The Binding of Isaac.
  • He is the posthumous version of Loki.
  • Lokii's name is a pun on the Roman numeral for two, II.
    • It can also be a reference to the Latin plural suffix "ii" such as in "radii" and "virii" which is not commonly used.
  • Lokii's battle sprite is depicted with no arms despite Lokii's sprite in-game having arms. Additionally, the boss's art is missing Lokii's mark on his foreheads.
  • Both Lokii halves have the same sprite, just flipped horizontally.
  • The only actual difference with Loki is that Lokii spawns Red Boom Flies instead of normal ones.
    • Because of this, since Red Boom flies don't explode upon death, Isaac cannot damage Lokii by killing them.