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This article is about Loki, not to be confused with Lokii.

Loki is a boss that can appear in all environments of Chapter 3 (DepthsDepths, NecropolisNecropolis, (except in Rebirth)Dank DepthsDank Depths).

Behavior[ | ]

Loki teleports to random locations in the room away from Isaac and has the following attacks:

  • Shoots 4 projectiles in the four cardinal directions, followed by the four diagonal directions, and then the cardinal directions once again.
  • Spawns a Boom FlyBoom Fly on top of himself. A maximum of 4 Boom Flies can be alive at once.
  • Shoots 8 projectiles in all directions.

Loki deals a whole heart of contact damage.

A PokyPoky can accompany Loki during the fight, dealing contact damage and blocking Isaac's tears.

(in Repentance) Loki can also be accompanied by 4 Stone GrimaceStone Grimaces in the corners of the room.

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Notes[ | ]

Trivia[ | ]

  • Loki appeared in the original The Binding of Isaac.
  • Loki has smaller eyes and different horns in his boss portrait.
  • The Poky in the room does not damage Loki's Boom Flies as it did in the original game.
  • Loki's "mark" (The numbers 666 on his forehead) is more noticeable than his appearance in the original game.
  • Lokii is the posthumous version of him.
  • Loki is based on the Norse trickster god of the same name.
  • Edmund McMillen loved Loki's design so much that he made (except in Rebirth) Boss Little Horn ingameLittle Horn.
  • (in Repentance) Boss The Horny Boys ingameThe Horny Boys are a stitched amalgamation of Loki and (in Repentance) Boss Hornfel ingameHornfel.
  • Loki and Hornfel are siblings.[1]

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