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Little Chubby is a passive item.

Effect[ | ]

  • Spawns a ChargerCharger familiar that charges across the room when Isaac shoots, dealing damage to any enemies in its path until it hits an obstacle or wall.
    • (in Rebirth) Little Chubby is fired directly from where Isaac is standing.
    • (except in Rebirth) Little Chubby is fired directly from where it is located in the chain of familiars behind Isaac.
    • The familiar deals 3.5 damage per tick ((except in Repentance) 52.5 damage per second / (in Repentance) 105 damage per second).
    • The familiar's attack is affected by momentum, just as tears are. Thus, it can be shot diagonally.

Notes[ | ]

  • For Little Chubby to recharge, it must first get back to Isaac. Therefore, running away from Little Chubby after firing it will extend the time required to recharge it.
  • The enemy ChubberChubber can attack like this item, but they have limited range.
  • (in Repentance) Familiars that follow behind Isaac have a certain priority in how close their position is to him over other familiars, with Little Chubby having 5th priority.

Interactions[ | ]

  • (in Afterbirth † and Repentance)Duct TapeDuct Tape: Familiar will stay in place relative to Isaac, however, it will still charge across the room but will always return to the spot it first returned to after charging across a room.
  • (in Repentance)Collectible Marked iconMarked: Little Chubby will charge at the direction that is marked on the floor.

In-game Footage[ | ]

Trivia[ | ]

  • According to Edmund McMillen, Little Chubby is a reference to one of his reoccurring comic book characters and is, in fact, a talking penis.[1]

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