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Disambig.png This article is about the item. For the enemy, see Portal.

Added in Repentance

Lil Portal is a passive item added in The Binding of Isaac: Repentance.


  • Summons a portal familiar that launches itself in the direction Isaac shoots to deal contact damage to enemies.
  • The portal will consume all pickups and trinkets in its path, converting them into blue flies and causing the familiar to become larger and deal more contact damage.
    • Lil Portal deals contact damage equal to (2x consumables destroyed count + 2), and ticks up to 10 times per second.
    • When the familiar consumes four pickups, it will summon a portal that leads to an unexplored room on the current floor and its damage bonus is reset.


  • Lil Portal doesn't consume pickups or damage enemies it passes over while trailing behind Isaac; it only does so while being launched.
  • Lil Portal cannot be launched over Rocks or Metal Blocks.
  • The room portals take Isaac to is determined at the time they're created; if Isaac clears the room the portal would take him to, he will still be taken to that room if he uses it.
  • If every room has been explored, portals summoned by the familiar will do nothing and Isaac will jump up and down in them in a purely cosmetic effect.
  • Portals can lead to Curse Rooms, forcing Isaac to take damage in order to leave.
  • Secret Rooms and (Boss) Challenge Rooms can be entered for free by making a portal after all other rooms on the floor are cleared.
  • Portals will persist after Isaac uses them or leaves the room, and will always lead to the same room.
    • Portals do not respect pathing rules, and can spawn on single-tile walkways and in front of doors, forcing Isaac to use them and preventing him from leaving the room through that door. This can cause a softlock depending on what door it blocks and where the portal leads.


  • Lil Portal bears a close resemblance to the Portal enemies, with the visual design of a Portal and the color scheme of a, well, Lil Portal.

In-game Footage[]


Bug Bug! If a portal is reencountered during the ascent, such as in a previously completed boss room, the game may crash if the destination the portal originally connected to no longer exists in the now altered floor layout.
Bug Bug! If a portal is created in Greed Mode, there is a possibility it will take the player to the Exit room without defeating any boss.
Bug Bug! If Lil Portal consumes a Black Heart in a Devil Room that is part of the room layout (not a reward or contents of a bag or a chest), the game crashes.