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Added in Repentance

Lil Blub is a boss added in The Binding of Isaac: Repentance that can appear in Downpour Downpour and Dross Dross.


Lil Blub diagonally floats around the room and performs the following attacks:

  • Spits up 2-3 Small Leech Small Leeches that swarm around him, blocking shots.
  • Spits out a single larger Small Leech that chases Isaac instead.
  • Fires 6 streams of projectiles outwards in a radial burst. These projectiles deal a full heart of damage.
  • Jumps once towards Isaac, creating a burst of disorganized arcing projectiles upon landing.
    • Lil Blub can only use this attack when below a certain threshold of HP.

The previous two attacks also cause any Small Leeches that are swarming around Lil Blub to start chasing Isaac. Lil Blub cannot use any of these attacks if there are 6 or more Small Leeches in the room.

  • Jumps towards Isaac 3-5 times, firing projectiles in the cardinal and diagonal directions upon landing. The cardinal shots are faster and travel further than the diagonal ones.
    • Any leeches Lil Blub lands on are instantly killed.
    • Lil Blub can only use this attack when below 25% HP, and greatly prefers using it if he can.

Upon death, he spawns 2-4 Small Leeches and bursts into a fountain of projectiles that rain down for a few seconds in a wide area.



  • Lil Blub's original name in Antibirth was "Beelzeblub", and he is referenced as such in the game files.
    • In pre-release content for Repentance, his name was Lil Bub, without the "L". The reason for these changes to his name believed to be due to there being a famous cat of the same name.
  • Lil Blub appears to be a drowned version of The Duke of Flies The Duke of Flies.
    • It is possible that Min-Min Min-Min is his posthumous version- as Min-Min wears a shell that resembles The Husk The Husk, the posthumous version of the Duke of Flies.
  • When encountered in the Dross Dross, the color palette of Lil Blub and his attacks is altered to fit the floor. Wormwood Wormwood also features this.