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Removed in RepentanceLocked Door.png Added in RepentanceLibrary door locked.pngLibrary door.png

Libraries Libraries are rooms that must be opened with a key. Items from the Library item pool can be found within, among other things, such as Cards and/or Runes or even enemies. Libraries have a 5% chance of appearing each floor.


The following room maps were made using Basement Renovator for cleaner viewing. Items generated in these rooms pull from the Library item pool. All rooms have the same weight of 1.0

ID Contents Image preview
0 Two items side-by-side in the center, and one cobweb each in the bottom left and top right corners. Library 0.png
1 One item and two Cards. Library 1.png
2 Two items and one random battery. Library 2.png
3 One item and two random batteries. Library 3.png
4 Three items, surrounded by four Fire Places. Library 4.png
5 Five items, one in the center available for free, and four in the corners trapped behind iron/key blocks. Library 5.png
6 Two items, one each in the top left and bottom right corners, and two urns, one each in the bottom left and top right corners. Library 6.png
7 Four items, trapped behind iron blocks and spikes. Library 7.png
8 Four Cards. Library 8.png
9 Two items, with a Key Master.png Key Master in the middle, and two cobwebs adjacent to the latter. Library 9.png
10 Five items at the top, all trapped behind iron/key blocks. Library 10.png
11 One item, surrounded by Maggot Maggots. Library 11.png
12 Four Cards in the middle, next to a cross made out of rocks. Library 12.png
13 Two items at the bottom, surronded by cobwebs, urns, and red Fire Places. Library 13.png
14 Two items: one in the middle, next to two Fire Places, and one on the right, trapped behind rocks. Library 14.png
15 Closet-sized room with one item. Library 15.png


  • Removed in Repentance From the outside, the library is identical in appearance to the Shop Shop. One of the ways they can be distinguished is if Isaac has a mapping item such as Spelunker Hat Spelunker Hat or The Compass The Compass. Generally, the library will be closer to the starting room than the Shop.
    • Added in Repentance The library now has its own unique door.
  • Once all items in the Library item pool have been picked up, items from the Treasure Room item pool will appear instead.
  • Libraries are particularly useful for acquiring the Bookworm transformation.
  • Added in RepentanceNO! NO! now replaces all activated items inside the Library with passive items, which prevents all Library items from appearing other than Book of Virtues Book of Virtues.


  • The music that plays in the Library is the same as the one played in ending 14.