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Added in Afterbirth

Isaac turns into a Lovecraftian horror, gains 2 black hearts, and gains flight after picking up three of these items.

Activated Collectibles[]

Name ID Icon Quote Description Added in Repentance Quality
The Nail 5.100.83
The Nail
6 rooms
Temporary demon form Gives Removed in Repentance one Soul HeartAdded in Repentance half a Black Heart. For the current room; +0.7 damage, -0.18 speed, allows Isaac to break rocks and damage enemies by walking over them. 3
Added in Repentance Sulfur 5.100.556
3 rooms
Temporary demon form Grants 15►Brimstone Brimstone for the current room. 2

Passive Collectibles[]

Name ID Icon Quote Description Added in Repentance Quality
Abaddon 5.100.230 Abaddon Evil + DMG up + fear shot Removed in Repentance +1.5 damage, +0.2 speed. Removes all Red Heart containers, grants six Black Hearts, and adds a chance to shoot fear tears.
Added in Repentance +1.5 damage, +0.2 speed. Grants two Black Hearts, converts all Red Heart Containers into Black Hearts, and adds a chance to shoot fear tears.
Pentagram 5.100.51 Pentagram DMG up +1 damage, increases Devil Room / Angel Room chance by 10%. 3
Spirit of the Night 5.100.159 Spirit of the Night Scary Grants spectral tears and flight. 3
The Mark 5.100.79 The Mark DMG + speed up Grants one Soul Heart, +1 damage, and +0.2 speed. 3
The Pact 5.100.80 The Pact DMG + tears up Removed in Repentance Grants two Soul Hearts, +0.5 damage, and +0.7 tears.
Added in Repentance Grants two Black Hearts, +0.5 damage, and +0.7 tears.
Maw of the Void 5.100.399 Maw of the Void Consume thy enemy! Charged by firing for 2.5 seconds and when released, creates a black ring around Isaac that rapidly deals damage. Removed in Repentance +1 damage, the ring can cause enemies to drop Black Hearts. 4
Added in Repentance Eye of the Occult 5.100.572 Eye of the Occult DMG up + range up + controlled tears Isaac's tears are now controlled mid-flight with tear controls. Also increases damage and range, but decreases shot speed. 3
Removed in Repentance Brimstone 5.100.118 Brimstone Blood laser barrage Tears are replaced by a laser beam that pierces through all enemies and obstacles in its path and deals high damage. Can only be fired after a short charge-up period. 4
Added in Repentance Lord of the Pit 5.100.82 Lord of the Pit Demon wings Grants flight and +0.3 speed. 3

Added in Repentance15►Sanguine Bond Sanguine Bond has a 1% chance to transform Isaac into Leviathan when he steps on the spikes created by this item.



  • This transformation is based on the biblical creature of the same name.
  • This transformation was initially misspelled as "Levathian" in Afterbirth but has been fixed in Afterbirth+.