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<3 is a passive item.

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Trivia[ | ]

  • "<3" is the ASCII/Emoticon representation of a heart.
  • Although <3's is a heart, it isn't like an anatomically correct heart, nor a heart symbol, instead looking like a combination of the two.
  • According to Edmund McMillen's first post-Repentance Lore Stream, the visual appearance of this item is a reference to the movie 'Raising Arizona' in which the character of Glen passingly remarks about an orphan child with his heart born on the outside of his chest.
    • McMillen states that this remark left a lasting impression on him when he was younger, and as such he wished to incorporate it into the game in some way.
    • This scene itself is a reference to the rare birth defect 'ectopia cordis' in which the child's heart is located either partially or entirely outside of their chest.
    • With Isaac canonically being 3 apples tall, the amount of body covered by the heart is fairly accurate compared to the size of an average child heart.