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Disambig.png This article is about the monster. For the item, see Leech.

The Leech is a type of monster. Similar to Chargers, if Isaac lines up with a Leech horizontally or vertically, the Leech will quickly charge towards him. Leeches can be quite dangerous due to their ability to fly over any obstacles and charge very quickly, along with their tendency to spawn in large groups. Leeches do a full heart of contact damage.

Added in Repentance Leeches and their variants are immune to knockback.


Kamikaze Leech[]

The Kamikaze Leech is a black Leech with an eye in its mouth commonly found in Sheol Sheol. These behave similarly to Leeches, but explode upon death.

Holy Leech[]

The Holy Leech is a white Leech with an eye in its mouth commonly found in the Cathedral Cathedral. These behave similarly to Kamikaze Leeches, but have an Eternal Fly circling them. Because the Holy Leech explodes upon death, the Eternal Fly will die instantly and only serves to block projectiles.

Adult Leech[]

Added in Repentance

The Adult Leech is an enemy that was introduced in The Binding of Isaac: Repentance. It is characterized by its large size and much higher amount of health in comparison to typical Leeches. It behaves like Leeches, but releases a ring of blood shots in all directions upon colliding with the wall. They will occasionally burrow into the ground and reappear, either by bursting out of one of the walls closest to Isaac or attempting to crash into Isaac from above and sending out another ring of blood shots on impact.


  • The Leech's charging sound effect is, in reality, a man saying "EHHH" sped up. This can be revealed by listening to the attack sound of a Large Champion Leech.

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