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Added in Repentance

Larynx is an unlockable activated item added in The Binding of Isaac: Repentance.


  • Isaac shouts, damaging and pushing away nearby enemies.
    • The item can be used when not fully charged, but deals more damage and has increased range the more charges it has when used.
    • The damage the shout deals is 20 + 28 per charge used.
      • The shout also deals extra ticks of damage to enemies that are close enough. These extra ticks deal damage equal to 2.5 + 3.5 per charge used, and can tick a number of times up to half the charges used (rounding up).
        • The range of the extra ticks also varies depending on the charges used: enemies that are closer to Isaac will receive more ticks of damage.
    • The shout is able to destroy obstacles, such as rocks, Poop Poops and Fire Place Fire Places and open bombable doors, including Bedroom and Secret Room Secret Room doors.
  • Larynx gains 1 charge whenever Isaac takes damage, as well as through normal means.


  • The Battery The Battery: Larynx can hold up to two full charges. Only up to 12 charges will be used at a time.
  • Book of Virtues Book of Virtues: Spawns red wisps on the middle ring. The wisps deals contact damage equal to 30% of Isaac's damage * Charges Used. Charges Used equals the number of charges Larynx had at the time it was used. Health = 1 * Charges Used. Tear Damage = 1.5 * Charges Used.
  • Habit Habit: Both on-hit charge effects stack, charging 2 points per hit.
  • Hairpin Hairpin: Fully recharges Larynx at the beginning of boss fights, giving Isaac a way to easily devastate several bosses.


  • 9 Volt 9 Volt: The first bar gains an automatic recharge, but the further bars will not be affected.
  • Void Void: Very poor combination. Absorbing Larynx and using it through Void will cause Isaac to only perform the 1-charge version regardless of how many times he has taken damage or how many charges Void has, resulting in minimal damage.

In-game footage[]


  • Larynx is the medical term for the voice box, the organ that holds the vocal cords in mammals.
  • Larynx, Everything Jar Everything Jar, Notched Axe Notched Axe and Spin to Win Spin to Win are the only activated items that can be used when not fully charged.


PC SY1W 8E2L Crafting recipe can be made on the first floor with Cain Hard mode only

PC 2SG7 BLQX Crafting recipe can be made on the first floor with Cain Hard mode only

PC Normal and hard modes only GHEL 4AWW Treasure room in first floor