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Added in Repentance

Jupiter is a passive item added in The Binding of Isaac: Repentance.


  • Grants two Red Heart containers, of which half a heart will be filled.
  • -0.3 Speed.
  • Standing still causes Isaac to build up speed at a rate of +0.25 per second, up to a +0.5 speed bonus.
  • Isaac charges up while standing still. Moving releases a fart cloud behind Isaac, damaging and inflicting Poison on enemies that pass through it and draining the speed buff at a rate of -0.25 speed per second. The fart clouds are left behind for the duration of the speed buff.
    • The fart clouds deal 0.5x Isaac's damage per tick (1.5x Isaac's damage per second), and last ~2.5 seconds.
  • Isaac is immune to Poison from enemies, such as Gasbag Gasbag.


  • As the speed buff requires Isaac to stand still, Jupiter is effectively a speed down.
  • The fart clouds are mechanically independent of the speed increase. Even while at max speed, the fart cloud must be charged by standing still.
  • Jupiter acts solely as a flat +0.20 speed boost for Tainted Forgotten Tainted Forgotten with no other effects.

In-game Footage[]


  • The item's ability to create fart clouds after standing still and poison immunity could be a reference to Nuclear Throne, where the character Frog has similar abilities.
  • Jupiter, as well as Neptunus Neptunus, was designed for the original Antibirth mod, but never actually implemented until Repentance.
  • The term "Gas giant" refers to planets of huge sizes, whose mass consist mainly of gas. In the game, this is an ironic literalization.


PC Hard mode only SG7E ZPJV (Planetarium adjacent to spawn)

PC RNN6 4HCA (Planetarium adjacent to spawn)

PC Hard mode only PREN ZZC4 (Planetarium adjacent to spawn)

PC Hard mode only 19TB XVF0 (Planetarium 2 rooms down from the spawn)