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Judas' Shadow is an unlockable passive item.



  • Resurrection items activate in a set order. Judas' Shadow is 10th in this order before Missing Poster Missing Poster and Added in Repentance15►Birthright Birthright.
  • Beating bosses as Dark Judas will give Completion Marks for Judas and will unlock the associated items and achievements.
  • Because Dark Judas counts as a unique character, this means that all character-specific qualities are replaced with those of Dark Judas upon death. For example, if Azazel Azazel dies and respawns as Dark Judas, his short-ranged Brimstone will be removed, along with his flying abilities.
    • Added in Repentance And will no longer be able to gain Red Heart containers.
    • Removed in Repentance If ??? ??? dies and respawns as Dark Judas he will be able to pick up Red Heart containers.

In-game Footage[]


  • Dark Judas has his unique character loading screen shown when moving to a new floor.


PC DEC1 HNZL (Treasure Room adjacent to spawn)

PC Normal mode only Added in Afterbirth SRX8 FXHM (First floor Treasure Room)

PS4 9GWR 187D (First floor Treasure Room)

Vita GAM3 47ZL (First floor Treasure Room)