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Added in Repentance

Jar of Wisps is an activated item added in The Binding of Isaac: Repentance.


  • Spawns a wisp that orbits Isaac, fires tears, blocks enemy shots, and deals contact damage to enemies, much like the ones spawned by Book of Virtues Book of Virtues.
  • Isaac can have up to 3 rings of wisps; an inner, counter-clockwise spinning ring of 6 wisps, a center, clockwise-spinning ring of 8 wisps, and an outer, counter-clockwise spinning ring of 12 wisps, for a total of 26.
    • The jar initially spawns only one wisp, but spawns an additional wisp each time the jar is used, up to a maximum of 12 per use.



  • Car Battery Car Battery: Only spawns one extra wisp per use, regardless of the current wisp count.
  • Void Void: Will spawn only one wisp per use.


  • The wisps spawned by the jar can be ones created by any Book of Virtues synergy, but the vanilla version is much more common than the variants.
    • While most wisps that can be given act similarly to normal wisps, there are some with effects that can potentially harm Isaac. There are two types of wisps to watch out for especially:
      • Wisps that look like bombs will spawn Troll Bombs when destroyed. Ones that are tinted yellow are specially notable in that they spawn Golden Troll Bombs.
        • The only exceptions are bomb wisps with a gray tint; they do not spawn bombs when destroyed.
      • Wisps that look like gray cubes will invoke the effect of the D7 D7 when they take damage. If this happens during a Boss fight, Isaac will be teleported to a random room on the floor, which will have its enemies respawned.
      • Wisps that fade into and out of existence have a chance to teleport non-boss enemies to a random spot in the current room when their tears hit them.
  • If jar is held, in the top left corner you will be able to see how many wisps it will spawn when used.
  • Switching the jar with other active items and then picking it up again does not reset the number of wisps that will be spawned on use.


This item is similar to Jar of Flies and The Jar as all 3 have an indicator of how much wisps/flies/hearts you have on the top left, and their sprites change depending on how much wisps/flies/hearts you have collected.