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Added in Repentance

Items and trinkets with this tag are not available in Greed or Greedier Mode.

Activated Collectibles[]

Name ID Icon Quote Description Quality
Red Key 5.100.580
Red Key
4 rooms
Explore the other side Creates a Red Room Red Room adjacent to a viable wall, indicated by the outline of a door. These rooms have a 10% chance to be a special room. 3

Passive Collectibles[]

Name ID Icon Quote Description Quality
Contract From Below 5.100.241 Contract From Below Wealth... but at what cost? Doubles the number of most room clear awards, but reduces the overall chance of getting one by 1/3. 3
The Compass 5.100.21 The Compass The end is near Reveals the locations and types of all special rooms on the map, except Secret Room Secret Rooms and Super Secret Room Super Secret Rooms. 2
There's Options 5.100.249 There's Options More options Two items appear after defeating a Boss. Only one can be taken; the other will disappear. 3
Treasure Map 5.100.54 Treasure Map Full visible map Reveals the map of each floor. It does not identify special rooms and does not reveal the locations of Secret Room Secret Rooms / Super Secret Room Super Secret Rooms. 2
Restock 5.100.376 Restock Never ending stores! Causes Shop Shops to instantly restock their items when they are bought. Added in Repentance Outside of Greed Mode, the restocked item's cost is increased after each purchase. 2
A Pound of Flesh 5.100.672 A Pound of Flesh Blood money Devil deals now cost Penny Coins, Shop Shop items now cost health, and consumables in shops are free but surrounded by spikes. 1
Card Reading 5.100.660 Card Reading A link to your future Spawns two portals at the beginning of each floor that each lead to either the Boss Room Boss Room, Treasure Room Treasure Room, or Secret Room Secret Room. 3
Options? 5.100.670 Options? There might be options If a room gives a reward when cleared, there will be two different rewards to chose from. Taking one causes the other to disappear. 2
Vanishing Twin 5.100.697 Vanishing Twin He wants revenge Spawns a familiar that becomes a clone of the floor's boss when entering the Boss Room Boss Room. Defeating it drops an extra item. 3


Name ID Icon Quote Description
Cain's Eye 5.350.59 Cain's Eye May you see your destination When starting a floor, 25% chance to gain the effect of The Compass The Compass for the duration of the floor.
Karma 5.350.85 Karma Karma up Donating to a Donation Machine.png Donation Machine has a chance to heal Isaac for a full Red Heart Red Heart or spawn a Beggar.png Beggar. Increases the chance that donating to a Donation Machine will increase Isaac's luck.
Rib of Greed 5.350.84 Rib of Greed Feels greedy Prevents Greed Greed and Super Greed Super Greed from appearing in Shop Shops and Secret Room Secret Rooms, and makes coin drops after clearing rooms more likely.
Store Key 5.350.83 Store Key Stores are open Shop Shops can be opened without using Key Keys.
Bloody Crown 5.350.111 Bloody Crown Drips with blood... Treasure Room Treasure Rooms appear in chapter 4.
Door Stop 5.350.124 Door Stop Hold the door! The last door Isaac went through stays open, allowing him to leave the room even if enemies are in it.
Silver Dollar 5.350.110 Silver Dollar Feels lucky... Shop Shops appear in Chapter 4.
Crystal Key 5.350.170 Crystal Key Call to the other side Whenever Isaac clears a room, has a chance to open a neighboring Red Room Red Room.
Holy Crown 5.350.155 Holy Crown Walk the path of the saint A Treasure Room Treasure Room and Shop Shop appears in the Cathedral Cathedral.
Nuh Uh! 5.350.165 Nuh Uh! Don't want! Replaces Key Keys and coins that spawn in Chapter 4 and beyond with more useful pickups.
Old Capacitor 5.350.143 Old Capacitor Voltage starving Active items don't charge when clearing rooms. Adds a chance to spawn a Lil' Battery Lil' Battery when clearing a room, independent of the room's original drop.
Telescope Lens 5.350.152 Telescope Lens Seek the stars Increases the chance for Planetarium Planetariums to spawn even if one has been visited and allows Planetariums to spawn in Chapter 4.
Temporary Tattoo 5.350.177 Temporary Tattoo You feel braver Drops a Chest Chest after clearing a Challenge Room Challenge Room, or an extra Boss item after clearing a Boss Challenge Room Boss Challenge Room.
Wicked Crown 5.350.161 Wicked Crown Walk the path of the wicked A Treasure Room Treasure Room and Shop Shop appears in Sheol Sheol.