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Added in Repentance

Items with this tag contribute toward the Guppy transformation.

Activated Collectibles[]

Name ID Icon Quote Description Quality
Guppy's Head 5.100.145
Guppy's Head
1 rooms
Reusable fly hive Spawns 2-4 friendly Blue Flies that damage enemies. 3
Guppy's Paw 5.100.133
Guppy's Paw
Soul converter Upon use, converts one Red Heart Container into three Soul Heart Soul Hearts. 3

Passive Collectibles[]

Name ID Icon Quote Description Quality
Dead Cat 5.100.81 Dead Cat 9 lives Sets Isaac's Red Heart Containers to 1, but grants 9 extra lives. After dying, Isaac respawns with 1 Red Heart Container. 3
Guppy's Collar 5.100.212 Guppy's Collar Eternal life? Grants a permanent 50% chance to respawn with 1/2 of a Red Heart after death. 2
Guppy's Hair Ball 5.100.187 Guppy's Hair Ball Swing it Spawns a familiar that loosely follows behind Isaac, which blocks shots can be swung like a flail to damage enemies. Grows bigger by killing enemies. 1
Guppy's Tail 5.100.134 Guppy's Tail Cursed? Room Clear Awards have a 1/3 chance of being replaced with a Chest and a 1/3 chance being replaced with nothing. 2
Guppy's Eye 5.100.665 Guppy's Eye An eye for secrets Shows the contents of Chest Chests, Fire Place Fire Places, Added in Afterbirth Grab Bag Sacks, and Shopkeeper Shopkeepers before they're opened/destroyed. 2