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Item tags are internal metadata, like Item quality, that were added in Repentance. The tags are used to create groups of items which are used in a few different ways.

Examples[edit | edit source]

Tags[edit | edit source]

For now friendly names are defined in module data.

Tag Friendly Name Url Friendly Url
angel Seraphim Item_Tags_angel Seraphim
baby Conjoined Item_Tags_baby Conjoined
battery Jumper Cables unlock items Item_Tags_battery Jumper Cables unlock items
bob Bob Item_Tags_bob Bob
book Bookworm Item_Tags_book Bookworm
dead The Parasite unlock items Item_Tags_dead The Parasite unlock items
devil Levathian Item_Tags_devil Levathian
fly Beelzebub Item_Tags_fly Beelzebub
food Binge Eater items Item_Tags_food Binge Eater items
guppy Guppy Item_Tags_guppy Guppy
mom Yes Mother? & Mom's Contact unlock items Item_Tags_mom Yes Mother? & Mom's Contact unlock items
monstermanual Monster Manual items Item_Tags_monstermanual Monster Manual items
mushroom Fun Guy Item_Tags_mushroom Fun Guy
nocantrip nocantrip Item_Tags_nocantrip nocantrip
nogreed Greed mode's excluded items Item_Tags_nogreed Greed mode's excluded items
nokeeper Keeper's excluded items Item_Tags_nokeeper Keeper's excluded items
nolostbr The Lost's Birthright excluded items Birthright (The Lost) The Lost's Birthright excluded items
offensive Tainted Lost's items Tainted Lost (Items) Tainted Lost's items
poop Oh Crap Item_Tags_poop Oh Crap
quest Quest Items Item_Tags_quest Quest Items
spider Spider Baby Item_Tags_spider Spider Baby
stars Planetarium unlock items Planetarium (Unlock Items) Planetarium unlock items
summonable Lemegeton and Modeling Clay items Item_Tags_summonable Lemegeton and Modeling Clay items
syringe Spun & Little Baggy unlock items Item_Tags_syringe Spun & Little Baggy unlock items
tearsup Lacryphagy unlock items Item_Tags_tearsup Lacryphagy unlock items
tech Technology Zero unlock items Item_Tags_tech Technology Zero unlock items
uniquefamiliar uniquefamiliar Item_Tags_uniquefamiliar uniquefamiliar