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It's in the Cards is challenge #14. Start off with Collectible Deck of Cards iconDeck of Cards, Collectible Starter Deck iconStarter Deck, Collectible The Battery iconThe Battery, Collectible 9 Volt icon9 Volt, and 2 random tarot cards. The goal is to defeat Boss Mom ingameMom. This Challenge is available by default.

Difficulty[ | ]

A straightforward challenge, but no Treasure RoomTreasure Rooms. Don't be afraid to use cards relatively frequently, as they charge fairly quickly.

Strategy[ | ]

  • There will be access to cards throughout much of the run. Know what the cards do and use them accordingly.
  • There isn't any special strategy, however it is not a bad idea to reroll until getting the JokerJoker card and until getting great items in a Devil/Angel Room.
  • If one has (in Repentance)VI - The Lovers?VI - The Lovers? unlocked, restarting until you obtain one is a viable strategy, as one can get powerful secret room items such as (in Repentance)Collectible Rock Bottom iconRock Bottom. With a decent amount of cards giving stats such as III - The EmpressIII - The Empress, (in Repentance)VII - The Chariot?VII - The Chariot?, XI - StrengthXI - Strength, and XV - The DevilXV - The Devil, one will quickly accumulate great stats.
  • Picking up Collectible Little Baggy iconLittle Baggy can greatly influence the run, as (except in Repentance) the Deck of Cards will create pills instead of cards. (in Repentance) pills will be allowed to spawn alongside cards.
  • Carrying (except in Rebirth)Endless NamelessEndless Nameless can be quite useful, as the 25% chance to duplicate a card upon use is used constantly throughout the run.

Reward[ | ]