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Full Death Note

Isaac's Last Will is the Game Over screen of the game. It is shown whenever Isaac is definitively dead; that is, he doesn't have any more hearts or extra lives. It follows the following format:

Sentence Notes
- I WAS KILLED BY THIS THING → - IN SOME ________ The blank space is occupied by a short description of the current chapter:
I LEAVE ALL THAT I OWN TO MY CAT GUPPY A list of all of Isaac's items (using the same icons displayed in the pause menu and the Collection Page) is shown. A small, underlined "↖ Cool Stuff!" note will point to them. If the player has a lot of items, the items will overlap with the Cool Stuff text and arrow.
XOXO ________ The blank space is filled by the character's name.

(in Rebirth) If the Missing Poster trinket is owned at the moment of death, a different version of the Last Will, featuring a jigsaw puzzle piece, will be shown.

Notes[ | ]

  • If Isaac dies from the timer while using the seed THEG HOST or in SPEED! (challenge #22), the cause of death will be a timer.
  • Dying from self-inflicted damage or suicide items when you haven't taken damage from any other sources will have Isaac's face showing on the page.

Trivia[ | ]

  • "xoxo" is slang for "Hugs & kisses", commonly used in various written communique.
  • If you die as Character Lazarus Risen iconLazarus Risen, there are blood dots on top of his name.
  • Dying as Character Dark Judas iconDark Judas displays Lazarus's name with blood dots instead of Judas's. This is a bug that is presumed to be caused by the fact that Dark Judas's code may have been written over Lazarus Risen's, as they share similar attributes in numerous points.
  • When dying in close proximity to enemies that make fly buzzing noises, their sound effects are slowed down during the Game Over instead of completely stopped. This results in a deep growling noise being heard while staying in the Game Over screen.
  • One of the images shown next to “Me ↘️” shows Isaac being decapitated, causing him to look identical to a hopper.