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Isaac's Last Will is the Game Over screen of the game. It is shown whenever Isaac is definitively dead; that is, he doesn't have any more hearts or extra lives. It follows the following format:

Sentence Notes
To the right, a small "Me ↘" note points to a random drawing. Some examples are Bloated Isaac, Isaac Crying, and a Poop with flies.
I WAS KILLED BY THIS THING → The arrow points at a box containing a drawing of the enemy or hazard that killed Isaac. A small "Ugly ↑" note can be found below the box.
IN SOME ________ The blank space is occupied by a short description of the current chapter:
I LEAVE ALL THAT I OWN TO MY CAT GUPPY A list of all of Isaac's items (using the same icons displayed in the pause menu and the Collection Page) is shown. A small, underlined "↖ Cool Stuff!" note will point to them. If the player has a lot of items, the items will overlap with the Cool Stuff text and arrow.
XOXO ________ The blank space is filled by the character's name.

Removed in Afterbirth If the Missing Poster trinket is owned at the moment of death, a different version of the Last Will, featuring a jigsaw puzzle piece, will be shown.


  • If Isaac dies from the timer while using the seed THEG HOST or in SPEED! (challenge #22), the cause of death will be a timer.
  • Dying from self-inflicted damage or suicide items when you haven't taken damage from any other sources will have Isaac's face showing on the page.


  • "xoxo" is slang for "Hugs & kisses", commonly used in various written communique.
  • If you die as Lazarus Risen Lazarus Risen, there are blood dots on top of his name.
  • Dying as Dark Judas Dark Judas displays Lazarus's name with blood dots instead of Judas's. This is a bug that is presumed to be caused by the fact that Dark Judas's code may have been written over Lazarus Risen's, as they share similar attributes in numerous points.
  • On rare occasions, a deep, demonic growl or breathing sound can be heard while staying in the Game Over screen. There doesn't seem to be any specific trigger or reason to this other than to be unsettling.