Binding of Isaac: Rebirth Wiki

Isaac's Head is an unlockable trinket.

Effects[ | ]

  • Isaac's severed head will follow him as a familiar firing piercing tears that deal 3.5 damage with each shot.
    • (except in Repentance) The head shoots once per second.
    • (in Repentance) The head shoots once every 3/4ths of a second.

Notes[ | ]

  • While holding this trinket, if there's another familiar that follows Isaac's Head, dropping this trinket will move the familiar to the first familiar slot.
    • This resets upon quitting and re-entering the game.
    • This is useful with familiars that are more effective when closer to Isaac, (except in Repentance)such as Collectible Lil Brimstone iconLil Brimstone and (except in Rebirth)Collectible Incubus iconIncubus.
    • (in Repentance) Familiars that follow behind Isaac have a certain priority in how close their position is to him over other familiars, with Isaac's Head having 5th priority. Collectible Lil Brimstone iconLil Brimstone and Collectible Incubus iconIncubus have higher priority and are therefore always closer to Isaac.

In-game Footage[ | ]

Trivia[ | ]

  • In the original Binding of Isaac, Isaac's Head was unlocked by beating Boss ??? ingame??? as Isaac.