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Added in Repentance

Inner Child is a passive item added in The Binding of Isaac: Repentance.


  • Gives Isaac an extra life. Upon death, Isaac respawns in the current room with half a heart left, a massive size down, and +0.2 speed.
    • If Isaac has any heart containers, he will respawn with half a heart container filled; otherwise he will respawn with half a soul heart.
  • When Isaac respawns as the inner child, he emits a blood explosion that deals 35 flat damage to all nearby enemies.


  • Resurrection items activate in a set order. Inner Child is 5th in this order after Soul of Lazarus Soul of Lazarus, 15►1up! 1up!, Lazarus Lazarus' extra life, and 15►Dead Cat Dead Cat.
  • Once this item has been unlocked, if you have unlocked your current character's Tainted version or are playing as a Tainted character, it is guaranteed to spawn in the hidden closet in Home Home.
    • This item will appear even if Inner Child had been obtained earlier in the run, allowing Isaac to have two copies of the item.
    • Despite being hardcoded not to appear anywhere else for him, this specific occurrence of Inner Child will still spawn for Tainted Lost Tainted Lost.
    • If this item is obtained in Home, a viable strategy is to intentionally die towards the end of the fight with Dogma. Isaac will be respawned with the size down and speed up, and these effects will carry over to the Beast fight along with the healing provided by 15►Dogma Dogma, making Isaac much harder to hit for the fight.
  • The size down from being revived by Inner Child is the same as if Isaac had collected 15►Pluto Pluto.
  • Since Isaac respawns in the current room when being revived by this item, he can use 15►Plan C Plan C in conjunction with Inner Child to kill bosses that otherwise have death animations too long to live through, namely Delirium and Mother.
  • The size down effect stacks with multiple lost lives gained from Inner Child, through duplication items such as 15►Diplopia Diplopia or 15►Crooked Penny Crooked Penny. Enough of them can make Isaac so small that he is effectively invisible.

In-game footage[]


  • Inner Child is a concept in popular psychology that there exists an "inner child" in every sub-conscious that contains memories of pain and trauma in youth.
    • This above definition may explain why it can be found in the closet in Home, as it has a traumatic association for Isaac.

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