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The I AM ERROR I AM ERROR room is a rare room that isn't connected to any other room on the floor and is reached through glitches or as a failsafe for an impossible event. (Such as using Blank Card Blank Card on Added in Afterbirth? Card ? Card, which without a failsafe, loops on itself infinitely.)

I AM ERROR rooms are chaotic and often contain multiple items, pickups, beggars and/or powerful enemies. There are no doors to leave, but always an exit to the next level. Added in Repentance(With few exceptions) and at least one unique shopkeeper (pictured above) with a text bubble that reads "I AM ERROR".

The trapdoor will always be open, even if there are enemies in the room.

Accessing the I AM ERROR room[]

  • The only items/effects that can bring Isaac to the I AM ERROR room are Telepills, Undefined Undefined, Added in AfterbirthTeleport 2.0 Teleport 2.0, Added in RepentanceRed Key Red Key and Blank Card Blank Card + Added in Afterbirth? Card ? Card. (This consumes Blank Card Blank Card and Added in Afterbirth? Card ? Card)
  • Undefined Undefined is the simplest method, as it has a decent chance to teleport the player there.
  • Added in RepentanceUsing Red Key Red Key on the 13x13 boundaries of the map will create a 1-way door to the I AM ERROR room, and displays no icon on the map upon opening.
    • This doesn't work on the normal floor's boundary walls. The I AM ERROR room can only be entered from a Red Room Red Room, meaning you'd need at least 2 uses of Cracked Key Cracked Key to enter one if you don't have access to Red Key Red Key.
  • Telepills have a very, very small chance of teleporting Isaac to the I AM ERROR room.
  • Added in Afterbirth Using Teleport 2.0 Teleport 2.0 when all rooms on the floor have been explored, including the Secret Room Secret Room(s), Super Secret Room Super Secret Room(s), and the Devil Room Devil Room or Angel Room Angel Room sends you to the I AM ERROR room.
  • Added in RepentanceThe I AM ERROR room can be reached by leaving a Crawl Space Crawl Space through an unintended direction. This will ALWAYS bring you to an error room, even when all other methods stop working.
    • Blank Card Blank Card + XXI - The World? XXI - The World?, Clear Rune Clear Rune + Rune of Ehwaz Rune of Ehwaz,We Need to Go Deeper! We Need to Go Deeper! and Mom's Shovel Mom's Shovel offer consistent methods of creating crawl spaces.
    • Use 4 size downs, 2 speed, and crash into the floor below the entrance ladder or 3 size downs and the left and right walls using flight.
      • One makes you smaller is the easiest way to acquire multiple size downs, and while you can exit the crawl space using listed minimums, it requires a lot of patience sometimes. Pluto Pluto/Inner Child Inner Child are equal to 4 uses of the pill.
      • It is also possible to exit through an unintended direction using A Pony A Pony / White Pony White Pony and 1 size down, very rarely. Significantly more common with 2+. (Your speed stat won't matter as the charge-speed is flat velocity.)
      • You can use Spin to Win Spin to Win, 2 speed & flight just by themselves to exit, bouncing off the far left and right walls and timing turning around after each bounce to build up speed and eventually exit.
  • Added in Afterbirth † / Removed in Repentance The I AM ERROR room cannot be reached anymore in Chest Chest, Dark Room Dark Room or the final floor of the daily challenge.
  • Removed in Afterbirth †Entering the exit of an I AM ERROR room in the Chest Chest or Dark Room Dark Room will restart the floor.
  • Added in Repentance During the Ascent, the I AM ERROR room will contain a beam of light instead.

Room Contents[]

The following room maps were made using Basement Renovator for cleaner viewing.

ID Weight Contents Image preview
0 1.0 Two items. Error 1.png
1 1.0 An item and nine random pills. Error 2.png
2 1.0 An item and 16 random coins. Error 3.png
3 1.0 An item, four random cards/runes, and ten urns. Error 4.png
4 1.0 An item and four Chest Chests. Error 5.png
5 1.0 An item, two pickups/items for sale, and seven random coins. Error 6.png
6 1.0 An item, four pickups/items for sale, and two Golden Poop Golden Poops. Error 7.png
7 1.0 An item and an Eternal Heart Eternal Heart, Red Heart Red Heart, Soul Heart Soul Heart, and Black Heart Black Heart. Error 8.png
8 1.0 An item, two random keys, and 6 Locked Chest Locked Chests. Error 9.png
9 1.0 An eternal, red, soul, and black heart, a Key Ring Key Ring, a Double Bomb Double Bomb, a regular, locked, and Red Chest Red Chest, a Lil' Battery Lil' Battery, two random pills, and a random card. Error 10.png
10 1.0 An item and four trinkets. Error 11.png
11 1.0 Four soul hearts. Error 12.png
12 1.0 An item, eight shopkeepers, and 12 Fly Fly. Error 13.png
13 1.0 Four shopkeepers, six keys, and two Key Master.png Key Masters. Error 14.png
14 1.0 48 Poop Poops and 2 golden poops. Error 15.png
15 Added in Afterbirth 1.0 An item, four extra error shopkeepers, and two Rag Man Rag Men. Error 16.png
16 Added in Afterbirth 1.0 11 Reward Plate Reward Plates. Error 17.png
17 Added in Afterbirth 1.0 A Corny Poop Corny Poop, 14 Attack Fly Attack Flies, and 18 random pickups/items. Error 18.png
18 Added in Afterbirth 1.0 Two items, eight shopkeepers, and Super Greed Super Greed. Error 19.png
19 Added in Afterbirth 1.0 Two items and a Shop Restock Machine.png Shop Restock Machine. Error 20.png
20 Added in Afterbirth 0.1 Eight soul hearts and 12 Blue Gaper Blue Gapers. Error 21.png
21 Added in Afterbirth † 1.0 12 Fire Place Fire Places and 7 Spiked Chest Spiked Chests. It is possible to enter the room on a spiked chest and immediately take damage. Error 22.png
22 Added in Afterbirth † 1.0 An item, six keys, two Eternal Chest Eternal Chests, eight Blue Fire Place Blue Fire Places, and two Angel Statues. The angels will not drop key pieces if defeated. Error 23.png
23 Added in Afterbirth † 1.0 An item, two Lucky Penny Lucky Pennies, two black hearts, a Gold Heart Gold Heart, two Black Rune Black Runes, four spikes, six Red Fire Place Red Fire Places, and two Devil statues. Error 24.png
24 Added in Afterbirth † 1.0 Five Grab Bag Grab Bags, two Lil' Battery Lil' Batteries, and four random pickups/items. Error 25.png
25 Added in Afterbirth † 1.0 A Donation Machine.png Donation Machine, poop, two Beggar.png Beggars, two Blood Donation Machine.png Blood Donation Machines, and two Beds. Error 26.png
26 Added in Afterbirth † 0.1 Two items, two golden poops, four Rainbow Poop Rainbow Poops, and 23 random pickups/items. Error 27.png
27 Added in Afterbirth † 0.1 Two pickups/items for sale, nine poops, and six flies. Error 28.png
28 Added in Repentance 0.1 An item, two Bulb Bulbs, and four Black Poop Black Poops. Error28.png
29 Added in Repentance 0.1 Six Gold Heart Gold Hearts (four of which are behind Spiked Rocks), four extra shopkeepers, and a Golden Troll Bomb Golden Troll Bomb. Error29.png
30 Added in Repentance 0.5 Four keys and two Mega Chest Mega Chests. Error30.png
31 Added in Repentance 1.0 A Nickel, eight random coins, six poops, a Beggar, and a Rotten Beggar.png Rotten Beggar. Error31.png
32 Added in Repentance 0.5 Two keys and four Old Chest Old Chests. Error32.png


  • Once Isaac arrives at the I AM ERROR room, the only ways out are the trapdoor to the next level or another teleport. As the I AM ERROR room is randomly reached, this could force Isaac to skip Treasure Room Treasure Room and/or Boss Room Boss Room items if they hadn't been picked up before, and if he cannot teleport again.
  • Added in Repentance Once Corrupted Data is achieved (beating Delirium Delirium as Tainted Eden Tainted Eden), items that spawn in this room have a chance to be randomized as if affected by TMTRAINER TMTRAINER.
  • Added in Afterbirth † Using Undefined Undefined on ??? ??? always sends the player to the error room as there are no secret rooms on this floor.
  • If a Crawl Space Crawl Space is spawned in the I AM ERROR room, Isaac will return to the room he was in before being teleported to the I AM ERROR room upon exiting the Crawl Space.
  • Using the trapdoor in the I AM ERROR room can allow Isaac to reach levels not yet unlocked, like Sheol Sheol or Cathedral Cathedral.
  • Removed in Afterbirth Using the trapdoor in Chest Chest or the Dark Room Dark Room will restart the level, similar to the effect of the Forget Me Now Forget Me Now, and as of patch 1.05, the floor will generate a different layout upon restarting. The door to Mega Satan Mega Satan will be locked if it was previously opened.
  • The chests present in the I AM ERROR room while on Chest Chest and Dark Room Dark Room always contain items.
  • Using the Rune of Jera Rune of Jera in most of these room configurations can allow Isaac to duplicate a very large amount of pickups, making Jera especially effective in this room.
  • If a Red Chest teleports Isaac to a Devil Room Devil Room or Angel Room Angel Room from an I AM ERROR room, exiting the room will return him to the room he was in before entering the I AM ERROR room.
  • Entering the I AM ERROR room from Womb Womb/Utero Utero/Scarred Womb Scarred Womb II will randomly result in a trapdoor or a beam of light. Isaac may have to end his run early in the Cathedral Cathedral/Sheol Sheol.
  • It is probably not a good idea to go to the I AM ERROR room on Depths Depths/Necropolis Necropolis/Dank Depths Dank Depths II before getting The Polaroid The Polaroid/The Negative The Negative, because then you can't go to the Chest Chest or Dark Room Dark Room, having to end the run in Sheol Sheol or Cathedral Cathedral.
    • Reaching another I AM ERROR room in the above-mentioned levels would allow continuing the run beyond them, even lacking the prerequisite items.
    • Note that the 12th reward and onward in a Sacrifice Room Sacrifice Room has a 50% chance to send Isaac to Dark Room Dark Room. This may be useful if an I AM ERROR room locked Isaac out of The Negative The Negative.
    • Added in Repentance This rule also applies to Isaac when trying to reach an alternate floor from a main floor (Downpour Downpour II from Basement Basement II, etc.). The I AM ERROR room will always send him to a regular floor (Basement Basement II to Caves Caves I, etc.) and Isaac will not be able to pick up the necessary progression items needed to reach Corpse Corpse.
    • Added in Repentance This also applies to reaching Home Home. The I AM ERROR rooms of Depths Depths II, etc., will instead send Isaac to Womb Womb I, etc., and he will not be able to enter the Strange Door.
  • Added in Afterbirth There is a rare Closet room in Depths Depths and Necropolis Necropolis containing an I AM ERROR shopkeeper. This is not an I AM ERROR room, and can be exited normally.
  • Added in Afterbirth There is a Super Secret Room Super Secret Room that looks like an I AM ERROR room. This is not an I AM ERROR room, and can be exited normally.


  • The I AM ERROR room is a reference to an infamous quote in the NES game Zelda II: The Adventure of Link, where a citizen from Ruto introduces himself with the sentence "I AM ERROR".
  • Due to the relative difficulty involved in accessing this room, and the name of the room itself, it's likely a failsafe.


Bug Bug! If isaac enters an I AM ERROR room in the first room of the first floor (possible with Eden Eden), and have not entered any rooms yet, using Added in AfterbirthGlowing Hour Glass Glowing Hour Glass will send him back to an identical starting room, with all of his starting items missing, including the Glowing Hour Glass. This also effects items gained from Added in AfterbirthEden's Blessing Eden's Blessing.