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Added in Repentance

Hungry Soul is an unlockable passive item added in The Binding of Isaac: Repentance.


  • Grants enemies a chance to spawn a friendly ghost upon death, which rapidly chases down and deals contact damage to enemies.
    • The chance to spawn a ghost is 33% and is not affected by luck.
    • Ghosts deal contact damage equal to half of Isaac's damage, 4 times per second (2x Isaac's damage per second).
  • After 7 seconds, the ghost explodes, dealing 7 flat damage to nearby enemies up to 3-4 times.
    • The explosion cannot damage Isaac or the environment.


  • Enemies killed by ghosts are unable to spawn more ghosts, except for those killed by the ghost's final explosion.
  • The ghost's explosion is capable of damaging friendly monsters, such as Bony Bonies summoned by Book of the Dead Book of the Dead.
  • Ghosts cannot be taken outside the room they spawned in.
  • The ghosts are not considered to be familiars and as such aren't affected by any items that modify the behavior of familiars.
    • This also means that Isaac can have more than 64 ghosts at a time and this won't override other familiars.


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