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Hot   Potato
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Challenge Number
Available Rooms
Item Pool Treasure Room.png: no          Item Pool Shop.png: yes
Boss Satan.png
The Chariot The Chariot
Unlock Method

The Fettered Use the Red Key or Cracked Key in Home as The Forgotten The Forgotten

Added in Repentance

Hot Potato is challenge #42. The goal is to defeat Satan. This challenge is unlocked by unlocking Tainted Forgotten.

The player starts as a blindfolded Tainted Forgotten. The Forgotten explodes every four seconds, capable of dealing friendly damage to The Soul.


While it requires a lot of patience, a viable strategy is to restart until a Mini-Boss Room with Lust is encountered and that it drops 15►The Virus The Virus. It will dramatically increase the amount of contact damage inflicted when throwing The Forgotten, making it much easier to attack quick or regenerative enemies.

The Forgotten will move slightly every time it explodes, unless the character has an item that grants flight. Using XII - The Hanged Man XII - The Hanged Man could prove useful for keeping The Forgotten in one spot for a room.

The timer for The Forgotten's explosion resets every time a consumable is picked up or an active item is used. This can be used to avoid taking damage in certain situations. Items such as 15►Sharp Key Sharp Key, 15►Mom's Bracelet Mom's Bracelet, 15►Friendly Ball Friendly Ball and 15►Bob's Rotten Head Bob's Rotten Head can be used to infinitely reset the explosion timer.

Some bomb modifiers affect The Forgotten's explosions, so playing with the Bomb Bum for getting 15►Blood Bombs Blood Bombs, 15►Brimstone Bombs Brimstone Bombs, 15►Mr. Mega Mr. Mega or 15►Sad Bombs Sad Bombs can be quite helpful as it will greatly boost the damage inflicted by The Forgotten's explosions. 15►Glitter Bombs Glitter Bombs will be triggered with The Forgotten's explosions, allowing to generate infinite pickups. 15►Bomber Boy Bomber Boy though, while boosting the damage, will also make dodging the explosions more difficult.

Visiting all libraries is recommended as a 15►Book of Revelations Book of Revelations will grant a lot of soul hearts and ensure that Super Meat Boy / Super Bandage Girl is obtained, which will provide the means to do damage to enemies without using The Forgotten.

As The Forgotten's explosions can damage The Soul, getting explosion immunity from items such as 15►Pyromaniac Pyromaniac or 15►Host Hat Host Hat is recommended for nullifying all self-damage caused by The Forgotten.

It is recommended to skip the Devil Room on the second floor to ensure an Angel Room spawns on future floors, due to Tainted Forgotten being a character that can't get heart containers, making devil deals inconvenient. This will also maximize the chances of finding 15►Monstrance Monstrance, an extremely powerful item for this challenge.

It is also recommended to avoid items that revive the player as a different character (such as 15►Judas' Shadow Judas' Shadow), as upon revival the player will die immediately.

Unlockable achievements

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