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Homunculus is a monster that has a small range of movement because it is attached to the wall or an Added in Afterbirth † Obstacle. Given enough time it will detach, shooting 6 blood shots in all directions and chasing quickly after Isaac. It leaves a small amount of Red Creep when it dies while attached or if it detaches itself.



Begotten acts like Homunculus but doesn't leave Red Creep when it dies. When it detaches from the wall or Added in Afterbirth † Obstacle, it fires 6 blood shots in all directions, turns the room dark and becomes invisible. However, it temporarily becomes visible if it takes damage.


  • Added in Afterbirth † Homunculi and Begottens can spawn attached to rocks. If the rocks are destroyed before they are slain, then they will instantly detach and chase the player.
    • Homunculi can also be seen attached to poop and red poop, which can make it easier for them to detach prematurely if the player misses too much when shooting.
    • Begotten can be seen attached to skulls as well.
  • The Homunculi encountered in the Mr. Fred boss fight can only detach under Mr. Fred's command, not at free will.


  • A homunculus is a very small human or humanoid creature.
  • Similar to Frowning Gapers and Nulls, Homunculi and Begottens are seen in a sleep-like state at the start of a room before they immediately open their eyes and attempt to pursue the player.
  • Begottens are the only non-boss enemies that can cast a "curse of darkness" effect.
  • Homunculi will still leave behind creep if re-rolled with 15►D10 D10.


Bug Bug! If an Added in Afterbirth15►Explosivo Explosivo tear is stuck to a Begotten, when it becomes invisible, the tear will fall to the ground.
Bug Bug! Added in Afterbirth † In the "RoomEditor" modding tool, Homunculi cannot be placed.

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