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(in Repentance)

Home is one of the final floors in The Binding of Isaac, alongside the ChestChest, the Dark RoomDark Room, The VoidThe Void, and the CorpseCorpse. It was added in The Binding of Isaac: Repentance.

Home can be accessed after picking up Collectible Dad's Note iconDad's Note and going through the ascent or by using the Collectible Glowing Hourglass iconGlowing Hourglass in the first floor's starting room without entering any other rooms. The bosses of the floor are always Boss Dogma ingameDogma, followed by Boss The Beast ingameThe Beast.

Layout[ | ]

The Home floor has no enemies, and is completely empty. Similar to ?????? and the Greed mode floors, its layout is always the same. Home features Isaac's room, two corridors, a room with a pickup, the living room, and Mom's room.

Isaac's room is where Isaac spawns upon entering the stage. It contains a bed in the upper left corner and a carpet in the center, like a regular Bedroom, as well as a Locked ChestLocked Chest. Isaac can sleep in his bed to recover provided he's not at full health, or to add three Soul HeartSoul Hearts provided he has no Red HeartRed Heart containers. Triggering an explosion on the carpet will cause it to be damaged, but reveal nothing underneath.

A single door in the bottom wall leads to the narrow right corridor. Through a door in the upper side of the right wall is a small room that contains a random pickup or, rarely, an item. Further down in the left wall, there is another door leading to the house's living room.

The living room is double-sized and extends vertically downwards from the entrances at either side. It contains a large turned-off TV, placed against its northern wall, and a couch further south, as well as a red carpet located between them with a massive picture of a cross with wings. A door in the upper left side leads to another narrow corridor, which Isaac can walk north to reach Mom's room.

Mom's room contains a unique chest, a carpet, a dressing table, and Mom's bed — all of them larger than similar items found throughout the game. When the chest is opened for the first time, it will contain the Collectible Red Key iconRed Key, which will be permanently unlocked. In subsequent playthroughs, it draws from its own item pool of Mom related items; the Red Key can still be found, but more rarely. The carpet and the dressing table in this room cannot be interacted with.

Sleeping in Mom's bed will cause Isaac to have a nightmare, showing the loading screen with no floor icons. In the dream, Isaac is sitting next to his mother as she watches TV. Isaac's distorted face then appears on the TV screen, as the noise of static begins to increase in volume.

After a flash of static briefly covering the entire screen, Isaac wakes up again, presumably at night since Home is considerably darker. At this point, when exiting Mom's room and walking down the left corridor, a grey light can be seen through the bottom-right door. The source of this light is the TV in the living room, which is now turned on but only emits static. Stepping on the cross in the living room's carpet will begin the battle against Home's first boss, Dogma.

Upon beating Dogma, a cutscene will play — then the fight with The Beast will start.

Hidden closet[ | ]

In the hallway leading to Mom's bedroom, using either the Collectible Red Key iconRed Key, Cracked KeyCracked Key, or Soul of CainSoul of Cain will open up a hidden room. This is hinted by the existence of the closet on the other side of the map, by Isaac's bedroom. There is also a barely visible glowing red outline for the hidden door when the Red Key or Cracked Key has been picked up. The closet is also the place Isaac is thrown into in ending 21.

Inside is the tainted version of the character currently being played, laying on the floor, crying. Touching them will unlock that character, which can be selected from their own menu and has their own unique mechanics and unlocks. Each playable character has a tainted version that can be unlocked this way. If the player changes the character (for example dying with Missing PosterMissing Poster and respawning as Character The Lost iconThe Lost) and re-enters the Hidden Closet, the crying baby will not change to the corresponding character, and will stay as the first character it turned into. This means the player cannot unlock two Tainted Characters in the same run. In true co-op, the character in the closet will be the tainted version of player one's character.

If the tainted version of a character has already been unlocked, or a tainted character is being played, the closet will contain Collectible Inner Child iconInner Child. If Inner Child has not been unlocked, it will contain a ShopkeeperShopkeeper instead.

The method for obtaining a Cracked KeyCracked Key during the ascent is described on their respective pages, but Collectible Red Key iconRed Key can also be obtained from Curse RoomCurse Rooms (if unlocked) or by using Collectible Pandora's Box iconPandora's Box on the Home floor.

Bosses[ | ]

Boss Dogma
Ultra Famine
Ultra Pestilence
Ultra War
Ultra Death
Ultra Famine Ultra Pestilence Ultra War Ultra Death
The Beast ingame
The Beast

Unlockable Achievements[ | ]

  • Red Key
    Red Key - Open Mom's Chest in (in Repentance)HomeHome.

Gallery[ | ]

Trivia[ | ]

  • The fact that there isn't a trap door underneath the rug in Isaac's bedroom hints towards the Final Ending, as the game is kicked off with Isaac finding and using a trap door underneath his rug in order to escape his mother and using it to reach The Basement.
  • Uniquely, using Collectible Undefined iconUndefined in HomeHome is impossible, despite an error room existing for this floor; any attempts to trigger the effect result in nothing happening.
  • Collectible The Bible iconThe Bible and Collectible Mom's Purse iconMom's Purse can be seen on top of her dresser in her room. Collectible Mom's Lipstick iconMom's Lipstick, Collectible Mom's Perfume iconMom's Perfume, and Collectible Mom's Eyeshadow iconMom's Eyeshadow can be seen atop a dresser beneath her mirror. Various pills can be seen in the drawers reaching from her bed.
  • The unique chest in Mom's room resembles a much larger version of Collectible Mom's Box iconMom's Box.
  • The drawings seen in Isaac's room reference the events of Ending 20.
  • The closet created by using the Red Key resembles the one featured in the Official Art for Repentance and is most likely shown in Ending 21.
  • Normally unseen, there is a crack on the door to Isaac's room referencing the events of the game's introduction cutscene where Isaac peeks through and sees his mom approaching with a knife. It can be seen by using Collectible Everything Jar iconEverything Jar and getting it to close the room's doors. The cracked door sprite is also used in bedrooms which can be seen by reward plates spawning enemies or, as mentioned before, Collectible Everything Jar iconEverything Jar
  • Including the hidden room, Home's layout resembles a heart. This may be a reference to the phrase 'Home is where the heart is'.
  • The golden chest in Isaac's room can spawn as a Mega ChestMega Chest.
  • There is an unused Combat layer for the music in Home, in which you can hear Mom yelling at Isaac, either his name or in full sentences (Although very echoey, like "Oh god, ISAAC!")
  • Both Home and the Lake of Fire are referred to on Isaac's Last Will as "Some Familiar Place".

Bugs[ | ]

Bug Bug! If the player uses Collectible Delirious iconDelirious during Boss The Beast ingameThe Beast fight, and it summons Boss Rag Man ingameRag Man during The Ultra Harbingers phase, the battle will softlock or crash due to the dead Rag Man's RaglingRag Man's Raglings counting as enemies