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Guppy's Head is an activated item.

Effects[ | ]

  • Spawns 2-4 friendly Blue Flies.
  • This item belongs to the GuppyGuppy set. Collecting three items from this set will transform Isaac into Guppy.

Synergies[ | ]

  • (in Repentance)Collectible Book of Virtues iconBook of Virtues: Summons wisps in the outer ring instead of flies. Wisps summon Blue Flies when destroyed. One wisp contains one Blue Fly.
  • (except in Rebirth)Collectible Car Battery iconCar Battery: Increases range of flies spawned to 4-8.
  • (in Afterbirth † and Repentance)Fish TailFish Tail: Doubles flies spawned.
  • Collectible 9 Volt icon9 Volt: Guppy's Head slowly gains charge while in a hostile room.

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