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A Grub is a type of monster that appear infrequently in Caves Caves and beyond. They are similar in appearance to Larry Jr. Larry Jr. and can spawn alongside Larry Jr. or The Hollow The Hollow in their respective boss rooms.

Grubs move around the room somewhat randomly until they line up with Isaac, after which they rapidly charge towards Isaac, similar to a Charger Charger. Upon death, each of the Grub's segments will spawn a Maggot Maggot, Charger Charger, or Spitty Spitty. Unlike Larry Jr. which requires each of its segments to be destroyed, as soon as one Grub segment is destroyed, the entire enemy will be destroyed.




  • Because of its similar movement behavior and design to that of Larry Jr. (along with the fact that Grubs can spawn in a Larry Jr. boss room), Grubs are also known as "Larry Sr." by The Binding of Isaac community.


Bug Bug! Attempting to capture a Grub with Added in AfterbirthFriendly Ball Friendly Ball will only capture one segment of the Grub.