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Great   Gideon
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Great Gideon is a boss that can be encountered in the Mines Mines and the Ashpit Ashpit. He is the boss version of the Stone Grimaces. He is always fought in a vertical double-size room.

Behavior[edit | edit source]

Great Gideon has no health. Instead, Isaac must battle 6 waves of monsters to beat him, similarly to Greed Mode waves. He uses the following attacks during these waves;

  • Creates a vacuum that affects the whole room, pulling in Isaac and all monsters. It also pulls in rock projectiles that can hurt Isaac.
  • Spits 5 red tears in a cone shape at Isaac. The center one is a bigger projectile that splits into 8 projectiles in a radial burst when it lands or hits something.
  • Spits large flame tears down the center of the arena that have the chance to leave fires behind.
  • After the beginning of the 4th wave, Great Gideon charges up and releases a rock wave down the center of the room, breaking parts of the floor and leaving gaps.
    • There will always be gaps between the holes left by this attack as to not completely trap Isaac on either end of the room.
    • If Isaac has flight then there will be no gaps between the holes except for a single one at the bottom end of the room.

After Isaac defeats all 6 waves of monsters, Great Gideon will deactivate, just like a regular Grimace.

Monsters[edit | edit source]

When encountered in the Mines Mines, his waves can include:

Entity ID Description
87.0 Walks towards Isaac, firing Ipecac shots at him. Can turn into a Splasher upon death.
208.0 Slowly wanders around and occasionally shoots tiny bombs at Isaac.
Soy Creep
Soy Creep
240.1 Slowly crawls along walls to try to line up with Isaac and shoots a stream of shots seemingly affected by 15►Soy Milk Soy Milk.
241.5 Walks towards Isaac, dealing contact damage. Shoots 6 blood shots in a hexagonal shape.
Rock Spider
Rock Spider
251.0 Erratically moves towards Isaac and deals touch damage, though a bit slower in comparison to Spiders.
259.0 Attempts to jump on Isaac, shooting out 8 rock shots when it hits the ground.
Fire Worm
Fire Worm
262.0 Pops out of the ground in random locations and fires one flame at Isaac.
263.0 Charges at Isaac, crashes into obstacles and fires 8 rock shots outwards.
822.0 Wanders around the room, avoiding Isaac. If Isaac stays close to one for long enough, it inflates and starts chasing him, gaining a chance to deflect shots and causing it to explode into lingering blood shots on death.

When encountered in the Ashpit Ashpit, his waves can include:

Entity ID Description
Dragon Fly
Dragon Fly
25.3.0 Flies around the room diagonally, dealing touch damage. Upon death, they spawn 4 lines of fire in the cardinal directions.
Bone Fly
Bone Fly
25.4 Flies around the room diagonally, dealing touch damage. Occasionally fires one bone at Isaac. Upon death, shoots 3 bones.
Hard Host
Hard Host
27.3 Stationary enemy that is normally invulnerable. Raises its head up when Isaac gets close, revealing a fleshy stem that can be damaged. Upon raising its head, it will release a line of rocks towards Isaac.
208.0 Slowly wanders around and occasionally shoots tiny bombs at Isaac.
227.0 Wanders around the room and throws a bone at Isaac when he is in sight.
241.3 Walks toward Isaac and fires chaotic bursts of rocks at him, some of which may be Rock Spiders.
Coal Boy
Coal Boy
241.4 Walks toward Isaac and fires chaotic bursts of coal at him, some of which may be Coal Spiders.

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • If Chaos Card is used on him, Great Gideon will be defeated instantly. It also opens a unique Crawl Space underneath him containing several items and chests.
  • Great Gideon is one of the two bosses that have a unique health bar, the other one being Dogma.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Great Gideon's name likely comes from Gideon, an Old Testament prophet and military leader known for winning a decisive battle against an overwhelming Midianite army with only an army of 300 Israelites

Bugs[edit | edit source]

Bug Bug! Spawning Great Gideon with the debug console will spawn him with a normal boss healthbar instead of a "waves" mechanic. Attempting to attack him will result in a game crash.

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