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Golden Trinkets are an unlockable type of trinket unlocked by beating Mega Satan Mega Satan with Tainted Jacob Tainted Jacob.


  • Golden trinkets have their effects multiplied by 2 where applicable, identical to how the trinket works with Mom's Box Mom's Box.
    • A Golden Trinket combined with Mom's Box has 3x strength.


  • Once unlocked, any trinket drop has a 2% chance to spawn as a golden version of itself. This includes regular room drops, opening chests, using Mom's Box Mom's Box, finding them in the shop in Greed Mode, etc.
    • This chance is not affected by luck, Mom's Box or difficulty settings.
  • Holding a golden trinket counts as the player holding 2 of the normal version.
  • Only trinkets that are affected by Mom's Box or can stack with each other are affected by their golden counterparts. Others will act just like the normal ones.
  • Hardcoded drops such as Mysterious Paper Mysterious Paper from Divorce Papers Divorce Papers, The Left Hand The Left Hand from beating Ultra Pride Ultra Pride, Forgotten Lullaby Forgotten Lullaby from bombing The Siren The Siren's skull and Perfection Perfection for beating 3 bosses without taking damage cannot spawn as golden variants.
  • Eden Eden and Tainted Eden Tainted Eden's starting trinket can also be a golden one.

Notable effects[]

  • Kid's Drawing Kid's Drawing: Having a golden version counts as having 2 Guppy Guppy items.
  • NO! NO!: Items of quality 0 are automatically rerolled.
  • Tick Tick: The golden Tick can be dropped/replaced like any other regular trinket.
    • Boss' health will be reduced the same amount as having a regular Tick + Mom's Box. Having Mom's Box does not further decrease boss' health.

In-game footage[]


  • The ID, or more accurately subtype, of a golden trinket is the normal ID + 32768. For example, the ID of Golden Cancer Cancer is 32807 (because it normally has an ID of 39).
  • Using the high damage debug flag, debug 4, causes all trinkets spawn as golden ones.


Bug Bug! Golden trinkets rerolled by D20 D20 will cause the resulting pickup to have the golden effect applied to it. If this is a trinket, the trinket will turn into a standard trinket, otherwise the gold effect will do nothing and will disappear upon leaving and re-entering the room.
  • Additionally, items spawned by chests with the gold effect applied will be golden as well, however other pickups dropped by chests will not be.