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Golden Trinkets are an unlockable type of trinket unlocked by beating Mega Satan with Tainted Jacob.


  • Golden trinkets have their effects multiplied by 2 where applicable, identical to how the trinket works with 15►Mom's Box Mom's Box.
    • A Golden Trinket combined with Mom's Box has 3x strength.


  • Once unlocked, any trinket drop has a 2% chance to spawn as a golden version of itself. This includes regular room drops, opening chests, using 15►Mom's Box Mom's Box, finding them in the shop in Greed Mode, etc.
    • This chance is not affected by luck, Mom's Box or difficulty settings.
  • Holding a golden trinket counts as the player holding 2 of normal versions.
  • Only trinkets that are affected by Mom's Box or can stack with each other are affected by their golden counterparts. Others will act just like the normal ones.
  • Hardcoded drops such as Mysterious Paper Mysterious Paper from 15►Divorce Papers Divorce Papers, The Left Hand The Left Hand from beating Ultra Pride, Forgotten Lullaby Forgotten Lullaby from bombing The Siren's skull and Perfection Perfection for beating 3 bosses without taking damage cannot spawn as golden variants.
  • Eden Eden and Tainted Eden Tainted Eden's starting trinket can also be a golden one.
  • Golden trinkets rerolled by 15►D20 D20 will cause the resulting pickup to have the golden effect applied to it. If this is a trinket, the trinket will turn into a standard trinket, otherwise the gold effect will do nothing and will disappear upon leaving and reentering the room.
    • Additionally, items spawned by chests with the gold effect applied will be golden as well, however other pickups dropped by chests will not be.
  • The ID, or more accurately subtype, of a golden trinket is the normal ID + 32768. For example, the ID of Golden Cancer Cancer is 32807 (because it normally has an ID of 39).
    • The Debug Console spawn code would in this case be 5.350.32807.
    • Using the high damage debug flag, debug 4, causes all trinkets spawn as a golden version.

Notable effects[]

  • Kid's Drawing Kid's Drawing: having a golden version counts as having 2 Guppy items.
  • NO! NO!: Items of quality 0 are automatically rerolled.
  • Tick Tick: The golden Tick can be dropped/replaced like any other regular trinket.
    • Boss' health will be reduced the same amount as having a regular Tick + Mom's Box. Having Mom's Box does not further decrease boss' health.

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