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Added in Repentance

Golden Razor is an activated item added in The Binding of Isaac: Repentance.


  • Grants 5 coins on first pickup.
  • When used, consumes 5 coins and grants +1.2 damage for the rest of the room.
    • The effect can be stacked.
    • If Isaac has less than 5 coins, nothing happens.


  • When unlocking The Golden Razor, coins do not actually have to be spent, just removed. Actions such as donating to a Donation Machine or items like 15►Magic Fingers Magic Fingers will also count as long as the coin amount goes from 99 to 0.


  • 15►Deep Pockets Deep Pockets: The increased money capacity allows the Golden Razor to be used almost 10 times as much before you run out.
  • 15►Rock Bottom Rock Bottom: The damage bonus from each use will be permanently locked at the highest achieved value in a single room

In-game footage[]


  • This item is similar to 15►Razor Blade Razor Blade, the only difference being the cost in coins instead of hearts.

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