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Globins attempt to directly charge at the player, similar to Gapers; however, they are much faster. Instead of dying, they will crumble into goo after taking a certain amount of damage and then regenerate anew unless destroyed in their puddle-of-goo form. If a Globin regenerates from its broken form, they will have decreased health and will be easier to kill.

Because of their speed, Globins tend to overshoot the player's position in rooms with a large number of obstacles, which can lead to Isaac being quickly surrounded if care is not taken. Unlike other enemies, Globins will do 1 full heart of damage on contact regardless of the floor, although this can be reduced to a half of a heart by obtaining 15►The Wafer The Wafer.


Gazing Globin[]

Gazing Globins are an alternate version of the Globin which has an eye in one of its sockets, larger teeth, and a less contorted face. They can replace regular Globins. Gazing Globins run towards Isaac with increased speed and slide away when they collapse into goo, but otherwise function identically to regular Globins.

Dank Globin[]

Added in Afterbirth

Dank Globins behave identically to regular Globins. Each time they collapse, they leave behind a puddle of slowing Black Creep and spawn a Spider. They spawn another puddle of Black Creep when finished off.

Black Globin[]

Added in Afterbirth

Black Globins walk towards Isaac, spawning Spiders every time it takes damage. Upon death, they spawn another spider and split into their head and their body. This makes them the only Globin variant that doesn't have a goo form.

Cursed Globin[]

Added in Repentance

Cursed Globins were introduced in The Binding of Isaac: Repentance. They are Mausoleum Mausoleum and Gehenna Gehenna variants of Globins. Their attacks are similar to the Gazing Globin's attack. However, they will split into two piles of goo instead of one, and unless killed quickly, they will regenerate quickly into two Cursed Globins.

There is a maximum number of times the Cursed Globin can split.

The goo piles have less health the more times the Cursed Globin splits.

In Gehenna Gehenna, Cursed Globins are re-colored, they are black with a red eye instead of their regular purple theme to match the theme of the floor.

Clickety Clack[]

Added in Repentance

Clickety Clacks are a bony version of Globins that alternate between chasing Isaac and wandering around the room. They turn into a pile of bones that can block Isaac's tears when killed, and will eventually regenerate if any other Clickety Clacks in the room are still alive. Only when all Clickety Clacks in the room are dead will they despawn.




  • Sloth is a recolored Globin.
  • Super Sloth is a recolored Gazing Globin with a large head.
  • The name of the monster is a type of protein and is also similar to a goblin.
  • Globins appear to be based on the Red Skeletons from the Castlevania series since they reform from their pile of bones after being killed. They can only be killed using a special weapon or spell.
  • Clickety Clacks seem to be based on Dry Bones, a Mario enemy that has a similar mechanic.

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