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(in Repentance)

Glitched Crown is an unlockable passive item added in The Binding of Isaac: Repentance.

Effects[ | ]

  • New item pedestals cycle very quickly between 5 random items.
    • The 5 items will cycle in the same order every loop.
    • Items are rerolled at a rate of once every 0.2 seconds.

Notes[ | ]

  • Plot-related items (i.e Collectible The Polaroid iconThe Polaroid/Collectible The Negative iconThe Negative, Collectible Broken Shovel 1 iconBroken Shovel/Collectible Broken Shovel 2 iconBroken Shovel, Collectible Knife Piece 1 iconKnife Piece 1/Collectible Knife Piece 2 iconKnife Piece 2,Collectible Key Piece 1 iconKey Piece 1,Collectible Key Piece 2 iconKey Piece 2 etc.) are unaffected by Glitched Crown.
  • One of the items will be the initial one spawned/rerolled, while the other four will be from the item pool of the room the item is in.
  • Items spawned from ChestChests normally have a small delay between when they spawn and when Isaac can pick them up; if Isaac has Glitched Crown, this delay is removed and he can pick up the item the moment it spawns, effectively forcing him to get a random item.
    • Chests have to be lightly tapped and immediately walked away from to avoid accidentally picking up the item so Glitched Crown can be used properly.
  • Character Isaac iconIsaac's Collectible Birthright iconBirthright effect and Character Tainted Isaac iconTainted Isaac's inherent ability are overridden by this effect.
  • Items seen as options will count as picked up items, meaning they cannot appear again later in a run. This effect depletes item pools 5x faster.
  • A good strategy to get a specific item is to remember the one that becomes before it in the cycle. Stand as close to the pedestal as possible and move towards the pedestal when the item that comes before the desired one appears.
    • Pausing the game between each roll can make this substantially easier.
  • Due to Glitched Crown's indiscriminate cycling of items, anything that turns item pedestals into blind item pedestals, such as Curse of the Blind, or traveling to a floor that offers blind items such as DownpourDownpour, renders Glitched Crown's effect useless or even detrimental, as there is a chance of missing out on desirable items permanently among the blind choices.

Synergies[ | ]

  • Collectible Spindown Dice iconSpindown Dice: Rerolling a cycling item will reduce the ID number of the displayed item by 1 and randomize the other 4 options.
    • This allows Collectible Spindown Dice iconSpindown Dice to mimic Collectible The D6 iconThe D6's rerolling effect on 4/5 of Glitched crown's displayed items.
  • Collectible The D6 iconThe D6: All 5 items will be re-rolled.

Interactions[ | ]

  • Collectible Binge Eater iconBinge Eater: Adds a random food item to the cycle, for a total of 6 items on the cycling pedestal. Only the pedestals generated after picking up Binge Eater will be affected.
  • Collectible Damocles iconDamocles: Extra item pedestals do not reroll.
  • Collectible Genesis iconGenesis: If Glitched Crown is picked up during the item sequence, the effect will start on the second item after grabbing Glitched Crown.
  • 0 - The Fool?0 - The Fool?: Items spawned using the card such as Collectible Boom! iconBoom! will not generate a cycling pedestal.

In-game Footage[ | ]

Trivia[ | ]

  • This item is a stronger version of the item cycling mechanic of Character Tainted Isaac iconTainted Isaac. Its unlock method is unusual, as most other tainted characters have items based on their mechanics unlocked by defeating Boss Delirium ingameDelirium instead of Boss The Beast ingameThe Beast.
  • The Glitched Crown is a nod to a visual glitch in Super Mario Bros. where if the player has more than 99 lives, often achieved by the Koopa shell infinite 1up trick, the lives counter shown at the start of each stage shows a crown.
  • There are five question marks in the item description, a nod to the five options that the item gives.
  • The crown's glitched appearance looks to be a sprite error, a bug that messes with video game sprites by making their sprites either devolve into unintelligible pixels like in the bottom right quarter of the crown, or renders the sprite incorrectly, like the flipped effect of the top right quarter of the sprite.
    • This causes it to look like an item afflicted by Collectible TMTRAINER iconTMTRAINER, an item whose icon features similar glitchy distortions.

Bugs[ | ]

Bug Bug! Glitched Crown still attempts to create 4 extra items when a quest item is generated (such as Collectible Key Piece 1 iconKey Piece 1), but because quest items cannot be rerolled, it will delete 4 items from that room's item pool.