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Gish is a boss that can appear in the DepthsDepths and the (except in Rebirth)Dank DepthsDank Depths.

Behavior[ | ]

  • Makes short hops towards Isaac, similar to Boss Monstro ingameMonstro.
  • Fires a black Collectible Ipecac iconIpecac shot towards Isaac, leaving a large puddle of Black Creep on impact.
  • Leaps off-screen and lands on Isaac's position twice in a row, similar to Boss Monstro II ingameMonstro II.
    • Leaves a large puddle of Black Creep on his first landing.
      • The Black Creep spawned by Gish's first jump will remain for the entire battle until Gish is killed.
    • Spawns two ClotClots on his second landing.
      • There is a maximum of 2 Clots alive at once.
      • Gish deals a full heart of contact damage.

Notes[ | ]

  • (in Repentance) While just as common as other bosses in the Dank Depths' boss pool, Gish is only 1/4th as common as other Boss RoomBoss Room bosses in The Depths.
    • Gish is the only boss to have more than 1 boss weight besides (in Afterbirth † and Repentance) Boss The Matriarch ingameThe Matriarch.
  • Gish will often be accompanied by ClottyClotties.
  • Unlike Monstro, if Isaac is somewhere that Gish cannot reach, he will stay stationary.

Gallery[ | ]

Trivia[ | ]

  • Gish appeared in the original The Binding of Isaac.
  • He is a rare alternative to Monstro II.
  • The item Collectible Ball of Tar iconBall of Tar gives Isaac a Gish-like appearance.
  • The enemy Clots are tiny Gishes.
  • Gish is the protagonist of the 2004 PC game Gish, created by Edmund McMillen.
  • Gish is the only boss to be an alternate version of a posthumous boss, being Monstro II's alternative.
  • (in Afterbirth † and Repentance) Gish can be found in The VoidThe Void, even before being unlocked.

Unlockable Achievements[ | ]