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Added in Repentance

Gilded Key is an unlockable trinket added in The Binding of Isaac: Repentance.


  • Replaces all new chests with Golden Chests.
  • Modifies the contents of Golden Chests to be able to give cards and trinkets from a single chest alongside normal pickups.
    • Also enables Golden Chests to drop pills.
  • Gives Isaac one key when picked up for the first time.


  • Old Chests and Mega Chests cannot be overwritten by Golden Chests.
  • The contents of Golden Chests can be changed retroactively by picking up/dropping Gilded Key. This can even be observed if Isaac has 15►Guppy's Eye Guppy's Eye, allowing him to see what the chest would have if he did(n't) have the key and choose which payout he wants.
    • This also applies to chests that use Golden Chests' loot systems, such as Stone Chests and Eternal Chests.
    • Mega Chests will also have their contents modified if they didn't contain items.
    • The difference in contents between the two chest payouts are independent from each other; regardless of if the original chest had an item, card, trinket, or pickups, the modified chest can have any combination of them.
      • Modified chests are still unable to spawn pickups alongside items.
  • Gilded Key does not retroactively change chests that have already spawned into Golden Chests, or change their contents.
  • Golden Chests in The Chest will still spawn items.


  • The Left Hand The Left Hand: Overrides Gilded Key.
  • Paper Clip Paper Clip: If you have 15►Mom's Purse Mom's Purse, you can take Gilded Key and Paper Clip at the same time and get a strong synergy, since Paper Clip allows to open Golden Chests without a key; this synergy becomes even stronger with 15►Mom's Key Mom's Key, since this item gives better chest loot.

In-game Footage[]

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