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(in Repentance)

G FUEL! is a promotional item appearing only during special daily runs or with an easter egg seed (GFVE LLLL) activated. It does not exist during normal gameplay.

Effects[ | ]

  • A can of G FUEL! is available at the start of every floor. XL floors will give two cans.
  • Some of G FUEL!'s effects depend on how many copies of the item Isaac has:
    • Replaces Isaac's tears with various "guns".
      • The first can simply increases damage, tears, and shot speed without replacing tears.
      • The second can replaces Isaac's tears with bullets.
      • The third can changes the firing pattern into two accurate, rapid-fire streams of bullets. Changes Isaac's stats similarly to Collectible Soy Milk iconSoy Milk.
      • The fourth can changes the attack into a buckshot shotgun, shooting a large spread of pellets which bounce on impact with obstacles.
      • The fifth can changes the attack into a slug shotgun, shooting a single high damage projectile that bounces on impact with obstacles.
      • The sixth can changes the attack into a minigun, rapidly shooting bullets with low accuracy. This also pushes Isaac back depending on the firing speed.
      • The seventh can changes the attack into a rocket launcher, shooting explosive rockets that detonate on impact.
      • The eighth can onwards gives Isaac a random weapon from the ones listed above.
      • The ninth can onwards adds random tear effects to bullets.
    • Starting with the second copy, speeds up the game every time it's picked up.
    • Starting with the fourth copy, non-boss enemies have a chance to multiply, with further copies increasing the number of enemies.
    • Each copy increases the amount of screen shake caused by gunfire and enemy explosions.
  • Grants +0.2 Speed. Ignores the speed cap. Collecting other speed up items will also break the cap.
    • Unlike other items that change speed, G FUEL causes one of Jacob & Esau characters to move faster than the other.
  • All explosion sprites are replaced with stock explosion footage. Certain bosses have special explosion animations.
  • All enemies explode on death. These explosions do not deal damage and do not destroy objects.
  • All consumable spawn animations will be accompanied by explosion sprites as well.
  • Enemies grant far more score on death than usual, and the amount is displayed when they die.
  • All water and blood in rooms is replaced with a light blue liquid (presumably G Fuel).
  • Pressing the "drop" button plays an airhorn sound effect.
  • Most "special floor tiles" are replaced with special G Fuel floor tiles.
  • Replaces Isaac's nightmares during floor transition with G Fuel-themed versions.

Notes[ | ]

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Trivia[ | ]

  • The item is the first to count as actual product integration, promoting a Binding of Isaac themed energy drink by G FUEL. Other items in the game that resemble real-world products are allusions, jokes and the like.
    • However, according to a tweet by Edmund, the item and associated daily run are NOT sponsored, and were simply added in as a joke.
    • Edmund previously had a collab with G Fuel with his other game, Super Meat Boy.
  • The various "guns" granted by G FUEL! work almost identically to certain weapons in Nuclear Throne, most notably with how the shotgun pellets and slugs bounce off of obstacles.
    • The airhorn sound effect that plays when pressing the "drop" button may be a reference to a similar easter egg in Nuclear Throne, where pressing the B key as the character Y.V. triggers an airhorn sound effect.
  • Internally, the item is generated on demand by enabling the effect, and inserted into the first glitch item slot which has the ID -1.
    • If Isaac has Collectible TMTRAINER iconTMTRAINER, the G FUEL! in the starting room will not be glitched further.
    • Spawning item -1 will not create G FUEL! if it's not enabled.
    • Item -2 also gets assigned and will always be the same glitch item across separate runs.
  • When collected, the item is listed as a "temporary" Collectible Speed Ball iconSpeed Ball in the Debug Console and can be removed as such.
    • Normal Speed Ball is still available while G FUEL! is enabled.
    • It is "temporary" in the same sense as Collectible Lemegeton iconLemegeton item wisps, but has no associated wisp that could be destroyed.
  • The effect that the tears gain from the 2nd copy onward replaces the graphic for nail tears spawned by Collectible 8 Inch Nails icon8 Inch Nails.
  • The real-world-product G FUEL tubs feature cameos of modded characters among the horde of enemies:
  • Collectible MEAT! iconMEAT!, Collectible YO LISTEN! iconYO LISTEN!, Collectible PHD iconPHD, G FUEL! and Collectible TMTRAINER iconTMTRAINER are the only ALL CAPS items in the game.