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Added in Repentance

Flip is an unlockable activated item added in The Binding of Isaac: Repentance. It is the starting item for Tainted Lazarus Tainted Lazarus.


  • While holding Flip, when Isaac enters a new room containing an item (Treasure Room Treasure Room, Shop Shop, etc.), the item pedestal will have a second "ghostly" item behind it.
    • The real item can be interacted with normally, while the ghostly item cannot.
    • The ghostly item will vanish if there is no real item on the pedestal and Isaac leaves the room.
  • Upon use, flips all real / ghostly items around on pedestals, allowing Isaac to collect the ghostly items. Does not affect pedestals that do not contain a ghostly item.


  • When used on someone other than Tainted Lazarus, it only flips items and cannot flip them between forms, including Esau Jr. Esau Jr.
  • Flip has no effect on item pedestals that do not generate upon the creation of the room (i.e. Boss items, items from chests / beggars, etc.).
  • Buying a real item, such as from a Shop Shop or Devil Room Devil Room, will also buy the ghostly version for free, although it can still only be obtained using Flip.


  • Book of Virtues Book of Virtues: Spawns a small white Isaac head wisp. If you are playing Tainted Lazarus the wisp is given to the form that isn't holding Book of Virtues. A wisp is also granted when flip is automatically used by clearing the room as Tainted Lazarus.
  • The D6 The D6 / Rune of Perthro Rune of Perthro / Dice Shard Dice Shard, etc.: Only rerolls visible item. Ghostly items remain unchanged.
  • Tainted Isaac Tainted Isaac / Glitched Crown Glitched Crown: Does not affect the secondary item, even if it's currently visible. Alternation effect only applies to the primary item while visible. When an item pedestal is flipped, the currently visible item becomes the secondary item, and the other item choice is lost.


  • Damocles Damocles: Doubled pedestals will not have a ghostly item.
  • Void Void: Ghostly items no longer appear when absorbed by Void, rendering Flip useless.

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  • Flip's icons are the alchemy symbols for death and life, respectively.
  • Prior to patch V1.7.6, Flip's pickup quote was "Life and death".